Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Re: Global Gathering Full Moon Solstice and Lunar Eclips

From the heart of our Earth, thank you, for taking time and consciously connect during the important time window of the Full Moon and Solstice on our Earth. The cosmic alignments that we're present with the full lunar eclipse over the Pacific made an energy exchange possible that matched the opening of hearts within people.

through Para PachaMama and the other Solstice events that we we're sending out we reached over 2000 committed "join event" hearts. With many people actually holding this gathering in groups and circles we feel that at least 4000 - 5000 people joined in connection during this night.

Then there are all the other beautiful souls, networks, and groups out there that did similar work on other levels, all with the same vision and desire for a collective outcome; shifting humanity into a world of connectedness, love and understanding that we are connected deeply with nature and all Life everywhere.

This past event has been witnessed by Life as a magical display of intentional heart fires lighting up all over the world. As soon as a part of the world entered the night, light, fires, flames and love lid up countries. It looked like each country after country came 'online', got turned on for the solstice and full moon and in our database it is clear that about 56% of all countries held ceremony on Earth. That is more than half the entire planet, indeed this must have been a magnificent show to watch from space.

As we are now welcomed to the other side of the solar year we are together on a journey to do this again, to make the groups bigger, to extend this intention and need for ceremony and connection further. This is what will shift our collective awareness.

Thank you also for infusing your personal touch to your ceremony, your rituals and your connection to life has been honoured and empowered during the Global Solstice Gathering. This is what Para PachaMama is out to bring about. Personal, individual and group re connections to Earth, to Life and honouring your sacred connection in all this. From our understanding this leads us to a new place, into a new world, that is that world we all dream of and that we envision to be one of community, love and togetherness.

Please connect yourself to our Resonance newsletter this will create better bonds to reach out further into the world. We envision events like these taking place more frequent on significant days and so the next major gathering will be the Equinox, something great to look forward to. We hope to see you there!

Keep yourself connected. Life thanks you for who you are,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Moon Message: The Science of the Sacred Space of the Heart – Humanities Unity Consciousness

Would you believe it when we would say that the human heart is the birthing place of all creation? That it is the place from which our collective dream, our experience on planet earth, was created? Well, probably not. How come our indigenous people think this though? We all intuitively understand that the heart is much more than what our biology classes in school were once telling us, but the birthing place?  

All great teachers have spoken about the human heart with great emphasis. They shared deep teachings about the heart; how important it is to ‘live’ from this place, how it is the place where compassion comes through or from, and how it is ultimately the doorway to the kingdom of heavens. Over time we seem to have lost touch with the original sacred teachings that the Egyptians, the Celts, the Essenes, the Hindu’s and Buddhist all knew and spoke about. The last group of people that still understood these sacred teachings have been the Cathars, in Europe, and sadly they had to pay the ultimate price for living this way. What was it that they knew, what was it that we were not allowed to know? 

Throughout the last centuries music, literature and art have only symbolically or metaphorically been able to speak about the properties of the human heart because the true understanding had been lost. Until now. Heart Math Institute at Stanford University in Bolder Colorado, USA has generated unprecedented evidence about the energy fields, the importance and even the intuitive, outer reality, response abilities of the human heart in relation to the brain and our whole body. They have worked for over two decades to map, trace and uncover the mysterious workings of the precious gemstone that give us life. 

The discoveries they made are paradigm shifting and will endow anyone with a deep understanding of how important and sacred the human heart is. If we choose to work with their scientific breakthroughs we can literally change the reality around us as we know it. Living from the heart does not only affect you and your personal state of being, the human heart has the power to affect other peoples brain states. Yes, indeed there is much more to our heart than the biology classes once spoke off.

We have been taught our brain is the ultimate frontier of intelligence in the human body, but in real life it is the heart that is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic rhythmic information patterns, and thus is the primal source of intelligence or starting point of consciousness.  Not only is the heart’s electrical field  60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain, the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain, and it can be detected a number of feet away from the body, in all directions.

Better known as cardio-electromagnetic communication, the human heart is sending and receiving information all the time. It is understood that the heart will respond to events or situations that are about to happen, before the brain even 'knows' about it. It will send signals to the brain that cause the brain to respond to the upcoming situation. 

The coherence fields of the heart carry frequency waves far stronger and further than what the brain can deliver. The information that travels along the toroidal fields of the heart carry within them information that even affect others, yes other people other realities.

This is where we wanted to come to, your heart affecting the energy/ reality around others. This is the message that you need to know. Your human heart has abilities and properties that go way beyond the constraints of what the dualistic mind/ brain can produce. When we intentionally live from our heart, dream from our heart and see through our heart we start to learn that Reality can be changed, instantly. There are specific ways to enter into this space. When one combines the studies done by HeartMath and lines them up with the Ancient Egyptian or Vedic believes of the human heart it all starts to make sense.

This is what our current living indigenous people are saying about our sacred heart: A secret place within the physical human heart, that, when you are “in” there, is as real as the reality you are in now, however duality does not exist there. It is known as the dreamtime.

Though some cultures are still very careful to talk about it with anyone, all indigenous tribes and peoples connected to Mother Earth know about this sacred space of the heart and how living life from this place is so different to the ‘mind world’ that we have created. Fortunately some enlightened elders and leaders are calling on us all to reconnect ourselves to this place through mother earth, because, according to them, this alone will ensure the passage into the next level of consciousness, our long awaited unity consciousness.

This is a shared believe amongst all indigenous awake elders, cultures and tribes. They are talking about us, the ones who got stuck in their head:  “The longest journey man will ever make is from the head back into their hearts.”

If you want to know more about how to find the sacred space of the heart  within yourself contact

You are Loved.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Solstice and the December Full Moon: The Closing Gathering of 2010

It will be full moon during this Solstice and for all of those who already tune in during the Full Moon, on the night of the 21st light a fire. It is time that you honour your sacred ability and birthright to hold ceremony and work with the Earth, talk with the Earth be in close connection with the Earth.
If you have not made enough time or are longing for a completion for 2010 on your spiritual path your gathering will probably propel you into a new wave carrying you through 2011, ensuring that you are connected and empowered for the time of turbulence that is still ahead of us. Through this work you will anchor within you the awareness of the ascension of humanities consciousness, you will be connected to Spirit on levels that we have not experienced in a group before. It will sanctify your path as up to date and allow you to 'short cut'/bridge some of the inner development or growth that you might not fully have given your much needed attention to.

We hope you will gather in groups, let friends know you're intentions for this day, send out invitations, let it be the start of new connections.
You are free to hold your ceremony with Earth and Spirit in any form you feel good with.  This work is about you, your path, your connection to our Mother. If you would like to gather inspiration because this is might be the first time you hold ceremony with Spirit the following can be used as a guideline but is for from limited to such, be creative, follow your heart, trust your divine knowing:

Ceremony With Earth and Spirit

In preparation of the night, collect fire wood. Burn your favorite incense, candles or oil lamps, find some dried white sage to smudge or throw onto the fire. White Sage has been used for thousands of years in ceremony and holds within itself the energy patterns and information to clear space, clean energies and prepare a location for opening of the dimensional veils. By using sage you are invoking the heart and love of all Earth workers, shamans and medicine women and men that have gone before us. We don’t have to know how this works, Mother Nature knows.

Build your fire in a place that resonates. Find an open space, be sure you can see the Moon from where you sit. When your fire is established listen to your heart or intuition as you ask about the theme for your fire. What does the fire want to share with Earth through you? This can be musical playing, singing, chanting, crystal grid building, laying out a medicine wheel, flowers around the fire, perhaps you are inspired to just be and connect to the Earth. It is beneficial to bring some of your sacred objects to this ceremony they will get charged by the fire as well as being bathed in the Full Moons energy. This is all real and it all works. This is about your path, your connection, this is walking the New Way; listening to your heart, the images..

Connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky

If you haven’t done so yet, go within and feel the love that you have for Nature, feel the love you have for all of Nature. Envision this place you love, that you know, feel this love, feel this place. Now that you are in a state of love you put this love in a little ball in your heart and you sent it down to Mother Earths heart and wait. Wait for the love of the Mother to come back to you. She will always give you her love. Once you feel this love let it fill your body, let is move around and fill you completely.

As you stay in connection with Mother Earth focus your attention on the Great Sky, the stars, the universe, the galaxies, all life other than the Earth. Imagine the Milky way, the moving of planets and the intelligence that dwells within everything that we call the Universe. Feel the love and amazement that you have for this place. Feel the love you have for Father Sky or Great Spirit, know that you are his or her child, an intimate part of the grandeur of ALL that Great Spirit is. When you feel this love rising, again put it into a little ball, in your heart, and send it straight into the heart or centre of the Universe. Distance is nothing here, but you could also send it to the centre of our sun or your favorite constellation of stars. Simply know that your love is received and wait.

Wait for the love of your Father to come back to, this love always comes back as you are a child of this Universe. Visualize this love coming back and breath it in. Breath it through your body and let it fill your whole body. Feel the reality of this work. You are now connected in Love with Mother Earth and in Love with Father Sky. According to the indigenous people of our world this is where ceremony starts; when we enter into a direct relationship with Mother Earth and Father Sky, in love through our heart and we feel the connection we are grounded and in touch or attuned to continue work. They see this step as essential, without it you might think you are doing great things but it is all illusion. Only Mother Earth and Father Sky can allow you to open the fields and it can only be done through love.

You are now ready to start ceremony and are free to do whatever feels right, we hope you are with a group and can share stories, feelins, dreams and vsion. Ceremony is opening the veils between realities, communicating with Earth, working with energies up above. If this is your first time connecting with Life in this way, just be, stay in that connection with Earth and Sky, breath that love through, send yours back again and feel the flow starting. Enjoy this space as we do not come here often. Listen to the sounds, thoughts, images or intuitive urges and follow along. Life is great, life is beautiful, life is you and you are me.

In Lak’esh 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Message of the Hopi Elders

We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour  Now we must go back and tell the people this is the Hour

And there are things to be considered:

Where are you living? What are you doing? Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden.

It is time to speak your truth.

Create your community. Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader. This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The Elders say we must let go of the shore, and  push off and into the river, keep our eyes open, andour head above the water.

See who is in there with you and Celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all ourselves.

For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves!

Banish the word “struggle” from your attitude andyour vocabulary.

All that you do now must be done in a sacredmannerAnd in celebration.We are the ones we’ve been waiting for . . .

-The Elders, Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona -

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Moon Message - The Science and Logic behind the Great Shift, the 100th Monkey Syndrome and Intentional Fire Ceremony by Agon Shu

This message comes out early as there is an event taking place this Sunday the 7th of November (the 6th when in the US) that the Earth will not whitness again soon and has not witnessed in this grandeur for many many millennia. Yes, millennia/ millenniums.

The 100th Monkey Syndrome and the Tunings.

Whether it were coconuts, sweet potatoes or bananas, (it does differ who you talk to) back in the 50's scientist were doing studies on the Macaca Fuscata monkeys on the island of Koshima, Japan (but also in the Pacific). They observed the monkeys eating sweet potatoes with sand on it. Yuk. They taught some younger monkeys to wash their potatoes in a stream nearby, and gradually more and more monkeys started washing their potatoes, but the larger part of the clans, the older generations stayed with the 'sand grinding on the teeth potatoes'.

Then one morning without any reason or notice the whole island sat at the river washing potatoes! That made the scientist wonder and ponder. When asking around on the mainland of Japan they were informed, to their surprise that all monkeys decided to wash their food. And soon they learned that all type of monkeys even across the pacific Islands were doing the same. They figured that when a critical mass was reached within this homogeneous community of animals instantly a change in 'consciousness' or 'awareness' took place. Just like their collective mind had reached a certain limit and than flipped into this higher state of awareness.

Buddhist monks were of course laughing when they learned of western scientist who were trying to wrap their heads around this Monkey phenomena. These scientist were out to proof that this 100th monkey syndrome goes for all life, humans included.

Guess what they figured out? Indeed, something that the Buddhist knew and practice for the whole world for centuries; we affect Reality. However, if we tune in and do this work collectively, with conscious intend and focus, from a place of stillness, as they tested with Buddhist Monks and various TM groups during 1972, 1975, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1988, 1993, 2005... Yes, indeed crime rates, terrorism, fear, hate and all the other 'sand grinding on your teeth' stuff starts to decrease, significantly. You can even get an exact number of attuned hearts and minds needed to Shift reality for the collective.

Yes, it has become, rock solid, science: When you take the square root of 1% of the worlds population, and you hold collectively a intention, focus from a point of stillness and love, you are affecting the collective mind 100%. The deeper your state, or the higher the frequency your working on or from (sitting on our Human Grid for example, the more profound the effects will be.

Knowing this is extremely empowering and inspiring. You are thus, by partaking in the Full Moon tunings, broadening the bandwidth and the access to our new grid, for all of humanity. As we approach Zero Point and will all have to make the 'jump' into a new way of perceiving reality, know that you ARE configuring the roadmap, you ARE curving the 90 degree turn we're about to make. In doing this you are preparing, your body, your mind and your heart to be in this Shift. Any Questions? This is solid stuff.

Now that you know this, be sure to attend from within your heart while watching online the Sacred Fire Ceremony and Aura transmission for Global peace, love and harmony held in Kyoto, Japan. Kiriyama Kancho, from the Agon Shu Buddhist tradition, and Don Alejandro Cirilo Pérez the Grand Elder of the Living Maya, are joining paths, focus, intention and massive authority to broadcast into the collective mind/grid energies and prayers that will change the direction on our collective roadmap.

We have not whitnessed a direct wisdom and peace transmission like this since 1984, but even more; we have not whitnessed a Sacred Mayan Fire ceremony in this way and from this level of authority for more than 13.000 years, it is all part of the Great Cycle we are completing. Be a part of it.

Thank you for who you are, thank you for what we create together.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Global Tuning Event - Global Peace Fire Ceremony – Kyoto, Japan

The following message came to us through
It's a wonderful, but overwhelming thing to see all these peace events occurring routinely. No doubt, they are helping to alter the underlying collective consciousness toward peace!

What's coming up on November 6th / 7th, however, is not just another peace event. By simply being open to receive the offering of these two great Buddhist and Maya spiritual leaders (Kiriyama Kancho and Wandering Wolf) we are making a monumental movement toward harmonizing the collective field. This is an auspicious day for each spiritual leader, it's the beginning of the 7th Day in the Mayan Calendar and we KNOW we are at a precious moment in our personal and spiritual evolution.

TOMORROW at 8 AM Pacific, 3 PM GMT, Common Passion is hosting the last preparatory webcast leading up to the One Peace Live Aura Festival event. This one will be held early in the day in the US so that those in Europe and the rest of t he world have a better opportunity to join in. We will share background, answer questions, discuss possibilities, and join together in the last week before the event to let the world know about this remarkable opportunity for conscious evolution.
go to:
Please note: The Tele-Webcast is free but long distance charges may apply. However, at no charge you may access the program via the internet at the web link below, either live or after the call.

Live chat during the call on Facebook:

DATE: Sunday October 31st, 2010
TIME: 8 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 11 AM Eastern, 3 PM GMT
This message came to us through

Buddhist and Mayan spiritual leaders are joining forces for a unique wisdom transmission and historical cultural unification. This Sacred Fire Ceremony for oneness and world peace will occur on November 6th - 7th 2010. You are invited to attend the webcast free of charge or by simply lighting a candle for peace, joining millions around the world as this special ceremony begins.

The One Peace Live AuraThe spiritual light emanating from those who walk and reach the Buddhist path of liberation is called the Aura. This is different from the aura humans normally possess, and only one who has reached complete liberation – Buddhahood – emits this Aura. Festival is an Agon Shu event offering its participants the ability to receive the Buddha’s wisdom directly through the transmission of enlightened master, Kiriyama Kancho. Together with Grand Elder of the living Maya, Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj, also known as Wandering Wolf, they will offer a free, globally broadcasted sacred fire ceremony and a direct transmission of wisdom, light and peace at this most critical time for humanity. Participants do not need to be knowledgeable of Buddhist philosophy in order to participate.

The first Aura Festival for world peace was held in 1984 by Agon Shu’s spiritual leader, Reverend Kiriyama Kancho, and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. This second Aura Festival will host sacred fire ceremony on November 7th in Kyoto, Japan at Agon Shu’s mountain temple. Both the Buddhist and the Maya spiritual leaders will transmit wisdom, light and the ability to create personal and world peace directly to participants around the world in a free live web-based video broadcast.

The paths of these two great spiritual leaders, Kiriyama Kancho and Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj (Wandering Wolf), have been running parallel for over three decades. Both men received visions that a time in the future would come when humanity would reach a critical crossroad, with one path leading to destruction and another leading to the fulfillment of humanity’s greater destiny. Read more...

The Mission

The mission of the One Peace Live AuraThe spiritual light emanating from those who walk and reach the Buddhist path of liberation is called the Aura. This is different from the aura humans normally possess, and only one who has reached complete liberation – Buddhahood – emits this Aura. Festival is to create world peace through the living breath of wisdom and enlightenment received graciously in the hearts and minds of those willing and ready to fulfill theirs and humanity’s greater destiny.

Shared Intention Agreement

I am open to graciously receive Wisdom. I join in celebration and prayer with other wisdom and faith traditions to help create a world of peace. I fully and consciously claim the authority to fulfill my destiny in peace, wisdom and harmony in my life and in the world around me.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Re: Third Full Moon Tuning - Happiness, Joy and excitement expressed through your Earth

Another full moon is now behind us..and upon checking the attending numbers, now 1111 hearts and minds commited to this Pachamama focussed event. With the number still growing and a steady increase in numbers over the last 3 full moons, it is to be expected that the 100th monkey syndrom  number is to be reached in about 6 months, six more moons only. After that we'll see if mor synchornization is needed, Mother Earth will let you know.

In the next New Moon Message the monkeys and the studies done on them will be discussed. What it essentially describes is a certain critical number of synchronized thoughts and feelings being experienced and felt as being real and happening Now, will change reality (the experience or thoughts about it) within in the collective mind or consciousness, instantly or at least over night. It's the Science of 'prayer', meditaion or heart focussed intention, however certain values need to be in place for full co creation with Life to take place and prayer to be effective.

In order to reach the 100th monkey, which could be your neigbour, mother, sister or more likely one of the children around you, you are, of course,  invited to be a broadcatser of the Full Moon event invitations and the messages through the Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth group. To make more people understand the actual meditation, it's focus and it's very real scientific based end-results it is aiming for, there are the messages on to deepen the understanding or logic and provide a broader template for experience during the Full Moon events.

Para Pachamama ~Spirit of Earth is an effort of the collective, by the collective and with todays technology it's as easy as a few clicks on a few buttons. Feel free and empowered to particpate in raising the numbers of membership to the Fb group, which makes it easier to broadcast the messages through, but also the blogpage, that stores the updates and messages. There are some handy FB and twitter features on for this, making your share even easier.

In closing, being in communcation with Mother Earth over this last Full Moon event in Australia, the question was posed how the colective heart intentions and sharing efforts are being recieved by the Earth. Joy, excitement and childlike happyness came through with a interesting hand gesture to try out if you're up for it. The meaning of this childhood hand/finger movement describes much more than just the wiggeling. Perhaps you would like to share your interpretation of it. Finding yourself laughing while doing this is one of the messages Earth wants to share, the end result is duality described in our current world, but it's probably more than that. Please share your thoughts and enjoy it.

In Joy.


Connect to Para Pachamama's Mailing list

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full Moon Message - the symptoms of Earth Changes in your Body, Mind and Heart

As above so below, again and again. Life is totally connected, from the big to the small, from the level of earth as a planet to you in your body. The many different earth changes that we can observe and monitor today are a true mirror for observing humanity and the other way around. The changes 'out there' are happening 'in here' with everyone, for everyone, through everyone. Science knows this and agrees that we are much more connected to the events taking place today on earth than that we are given credit for. We call ourselves children of our Mother Earth, perhaps not knowing how similar we truly are: On a sacred geometrical/ energy level we humans hold around our bodies the exact same energetic shapes and proportions as the earth does. NASA was baffled at first, but has now come to grips with the holistic universe we live in and base their cutting edge work on these understandings. They know that nothing happens outside of humanity (on earth) that does not happen within humanity (our consciousness) and vice verse. How powerful! What if you would use that knowledge to change things for the betterment of all Life on Earth?

Before we talk about betterment of all Life, lets look inside. Lets observe our bodily responses to a dropping magnetic field as it prepares to hit Zero Point. Now it is simply highly unstable, unpredictable and sometimes to weak to pick up. Lets observe our physical, psychological state of being in relationship to the ever speeding up of the earths resonance field, the heartbeat of earth, called the Schumann resonance. These planetary changes that happen outside of us, affect our bodies directly and it is not without any reason that most of the people today 'suffer' from all sorts of uncommon (consciousness changing) symptoms.

Unexplained migraine headaches, tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, electrical sensations in the limbs and spinal column (prana tube), cramps in your muscles, flu and cold like symptoms, intense dreams, a feeling of disorientation and the feeling like time is flying by and even change of physical features like flaring up of the 3rd eye region to name a few. Does this sound like you or someone you konw? What is the message of all these symptoms? How to address the root cause of it within you?

Well one, they are a clear sign you are changing, rewiring, preparing you to be making the transition now already instead of a collective rapid jump into the our next level when critical mass, zero point, is reached. So, be grateful that your 'first in line' to go through this and in doing so you are, again, broadening the bandwidth and curving the road on the collective road-map for others. Being 'sick' has never been a service to humanity until now (smile), you're experience of it and the way you deal with it shapes the template for others!

It is definitely calling you to take up responsibility for your body, mind and energy signature and stop looking outside of you or pointing outward to look for causes or reasons. Your body is upgrading itself. Give it what it needs and so be fully responsible for your nutrition, the nutrients/food you put in your body. Food holds/is vibration, going into you who is vibration too. Dead food is dead vibration, life foods are sustaining vibrations.
Be conscious in what you consume, how you consume as it affects the mind and your body (if not your ability to evolve spiritually), this includes the continuation of consumption of brainwashing television, that is not there to take you to your next level at all, but keep you being a healthy consumer of the ever expanding (and thus
 destroying) new world Empire.

Infuse your mind with information that heals, brings understanding to your rapidly changing reality, provides an images in the mind of wholeness, connectedness, oneness. So, meditate with nature, in nature,  get back in real connection with Earth. She is moving through this and therefore are you, get in touch and real establish a feeling/experience based connection with her and your stresses will ease. It is so easy, she is so welcoming you, always.

Know that you are responsible for how your transition develops in this magical time called the Shift of the Ages. Take up your responsibilities and work on them as you also focus on betterment of all Life. And know that the higher your frequency or energy signature is within you the more power or effect you have on the field for everyone. Know that you are Loved, have always been and please love yourself. Fill up that cup so you can overflow.

Quickly lets talk about real betterment for all life: There is a river stream divided up in 7 sections, or 13 if you like, you can choose to do your (light) work from any section, but you only affect the sections coming after the one you are working from. Which one do you choose. All sections are good they just operate from different energy focus points and have therefor different results. People involved in the 3d world will say working from the heart, or that with my intellect, my head combined. Or we choose to be an activist and we fight against flow, trying to affect things upstream perhaps. I'm a conservationist trying to maintain my section, the earth as is. They are all beautiful and all telling you exactly where you are in a particular field, choose wisely because you can only spend energy once and it seems that if your at the lower end of the stream your energy seems to have less influence on what lies above.

Yes, we're currently less interested in just saving trees (we plant lots instead), or a save a species, or cleaning up drinking water or trying to stop pollution from killing of life everywhere. Though these are all valid, important and precious actions in the 3d, they are also a mirror of human collective activity our (un)consciousness, but also a depiction of your individual point of orientation and as Einstein once cleverly said; "You cannot fix a problem from the same level that it was created" you need to ' fix' it on a higher level. A higher level of us.

With that in mind lets go right to the Grids again this Full Moon. Connect from your sacred space in the heart to the heart of mother earth. Share your intention to access the new grid, and She knows, She always knows, just come from love and a focus for unity. Sit in your space and see in your inner vision or your outer vision this magnificent grid-work spread across the earth. See others streaming about. From your heart out, pour your desire or intend for healing of all life without judgment of how it came about, pour out your gratitude for Mother Earths divine intelligence for preparing this grid for us with the Ancient Ones, our indigenous people of Earth. Just be and feel the connection and love.

Thank you so much for being alive today, in this time, doing this work in your way, from your heart, with your love. It is so beautiful. Thank you.


- this message is yours for the sharing with those who resonate - kind regards, Mother Earth.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Moon Message – The Logic, science and vast information behind the New Consciousness Grid and the Full Moon Tunings PART 2

Disappearing Earth magnetic fields, our consciousness and the still rising Heart beat of Mother Earth.
We might all intuitively resonate deeply with the message that humanity is finally moving out of the 13.000 years of darkness, ascending very rapidly towards unity consciousness and into 13.000 years of light, but how many of us are able to speak to the heads of those who are still very much locked in the left brain modality of thinking. Those that need a roadmap to cross the bridge between the brain and the heart?

For most of us, who are already on their surfboards riding the waves of the ‘ongoing shift’, we all very much appreciate the unifying work that Science continues to provide us with. Science backs up everything our hearts intuitively know about the changing face of time, it provides us with an intelligent vocabulary and today science even goes beyond sharing with us logic based information on some seemingly unrelated similarities in earth changes. When we connect the different fields of earth and space science we can generate a superb template to understand how our consciousness is changing and how everything is intimately connected in this magnificent process we call the Great Shift of the Ages.

Science has established decades ago that our collective consciousness, our identity or our individual and collective memory is directly connected to the earth’s magnetic fields. Russia was the first to figure this out by losing some of their brightest cosmonauts, who came back without any sense of anything. Now the anomalies that have been and are being reported on our earth’s magnetic field are the prime indicator that the real shift is happening right now.

Our earths magnetic field has been dropping drastically over the last 100 years and this is affecting all live on earth. Beaching whales, birds in locations that they shouldn’t be and to be more elaborate a airplanes today need to re check their chards before they take off to make sure that their instruments are reading the right information. The magnetic grid is getting so weak that at any time it could step or fall into, what science calls, Zero Point.

While our current Grid in strength is dwindling (to make way for the use of the new grid) a slightly different phenomena, also directly related to our consciousness is doing the exact opposite. The heartbeat of Mother Earth, the pulse that is emitted from within our planet, that science calls the Schuman Resonance Based Frequency has been speeding up without any ‘apparent’ reason. Mother Earths speeding heartbeat, which is responding to our suns increased pulsation, that gets it’s pulse from the centre of the universe, is waking us up. In fact the Schuman resonance depicts how we perceive reality, more so it depicts how we experience the perception of time. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Time will speed up until it ceases to be a functional way of perceiving reality, this will happen when the Schuman resonance has reached 13cycles, governments no longer allows public research in this field and the subject was ‘banned’ back in the ’80 (how surprisingly). Estimates are the we are currently it is at 12.6 cycles, but for sure last in 2003 it was at 12,3. Interesting that the Mayans say that after 2012 there is ‘no time’ meaning no valid way to keep track of it, could this be in relationship with each other?


"Sigh..." Time is speeding up, everything is closing in to this one point where we all blink out for a few seconds (at least so we think) and open our eyes again to a complete and total new world. How you spend those few seconds in the Void during the Shift is up to you. Science does not give you any rational leads as to how to go about that one, it simply can’t, it can only observe.

We suggest that from hereof you trust your indigenous Elders who know the Day is coming. Listen to their prophecies as they are now ready to share their understanding of the Great Shift of the Ages. From within your heart, listen to the message of the Ancient Ones they’ve got the internet too.

Connect your head with your heart, science with love for mother earth and her birthing process. Be close to her from within your heart and all shall pass you by, as if you were just a few seconds out in the Void having the experience of a Soultime!

Love Ourselves and share that Love out to the world around you.


This message is public domain, copy paste and share with those who can resonate with its content.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last update - Second Full Moon Tuning Event - Unique alignment identified.

As time progresses and our Full Moon comes in sight we, at Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth, have come to learn even more about the significant alignments and energies that can be illuminated during this particular Full Moon/ Equinox event.

The following are relevant excerpts from an article written by Rob Hart from Australia, published in the Connect Magazine. To read the full length article click here. (Pictures added by Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth)

"This is a big month. There’s a zero degrees Aries full moon exactly on the Equinox, when the Sun aligns with the Equator at zero degrees Libra. This is the line of cardinal polarity. Here’s a picture: on the evening of Thursday 23rd September, as the full moon rises in the east at 0 degrees Aries, the sun is setting in the west at 0degrees Libra. And both Sun and Moon are in exact alignment with the equator.

If you could view this from space it would be quite spectacular, but even from an earthly perspective, if you find a hill where you can look to both the eastern and western horizons at that magic moment when the Sun is setting and Moon is rising, you will be experiencing a unique energy flow.

Sun pouring its life-giving energy in from the cardinal point of balance, harmony, equality and oneness, and being reflected back from a full moon at the cardinal point of new beginnings, pioneering, warrior, ‘I am’- ness of Aries. And this energy stream is flowing and amplifying in a feedback loop right across the equator line.

As far as I know people, this has not occurred before and, if you’ve been following the exciting astrological events of the last few months, you will know that Jupiter and Uranus are hovering around zero Aries, and Saturn is still close to zero Libra. We have the unprecedented opportunity to expand into fully conscious galactic beings and celebrate the real power of oneness.

This has the potential to dissolve all illusions of separation while still retaining an exciting sense of self. What a beautiful paradox to be resolving."(...)

"This is the opening act for the spectacular show that has been announced for 2012. The show has started. Don’t miss out!"

We hope this article can serve as an inspiration, visualization and amplifier to your meditation and work you do during the full moon and after. Once again, thank you for participating in these tunings and being part of the change we all wish to see, collectively and around us. Our hearts are committed, Para Pachamama!

Namaste, Jiriki

Feel free to share with those who resonate to this message.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Equinox and Second Full Moon Tuning - Synchronicity closing in

As synchronicity is closing in on itself during the last years before Zero point is reached, the Nature of reality, at important intervals, becomes extremely harmonious. Who would have thought that you could celebrate two great days coming week?

September 22nd is our Fall Equinox day, celebrating the harvest of your growth over the last year. Evaluate your growth and what you cultivated, plan for storing your harvest and think about transforming it into other useful forms in your life. Take some time to honour the day after which your days become shorter and your nights longer.

September 23rd is our Full Moon day, celebrating collectively our future inheritance, our Next level of existence. You can, within your individual heart and in connection with Mother Earth, attune yourself to the New Grid surrounding our Beautiful Blue Planet. While there open your heart to the experience of a new way, our new way, humanities new extended journey back into unification with Great Spirit.

While connected in the Grid hold within you the awareness of what you are doing. You are creating on the energetic level yet another access point, hooking in another anchor. Spanning another line between this new level of consciousness and our current one. All these lines that we form will in time become a web, a vast web of lines of luminous light. These will become a direct linkup network of connection lines, forming a bridge, an actual connection point between realities. These connection points form doors, options, possibilities for smoother and less abrupt access.

This work is important for humanity; we are bridging the gap between two worlds on an etheric and energetic level. From there it starts descending through the layers of reality. As it enters into humanities collective consciousness, that this Grid is there and it is real, it automatically starts colouring or brightening the collective mind.

At the moment the larger part of humanity is still busy being busy on the runaway train that has no brakes is only speeding up and has all the windows blinded. When the announcement comes that we will all be making a 90 degree turn at the next tone these people will have difficulties finding themselves in a whole new reality with no roadmap.

What you are doing through your heart and in co creation with Mother Earth is developing a roadmap for others to use. So, while you’re up there on the 23rd during the Full Moon, sprinkle some extra love and light around the edges of our collective roadmap. Before you go up there send out some invitations to all who can resonate with this message.


To Share a more grounded version of this work refer your friends to Birth of a New Humanity by Drunvalo Melchizedek, or hook them up with the Message of the Elders through the Shift of the Ages. Don Alejandro, Wandering Wolf has a profound message to share with the world, one that can shake and awaken hearts.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Moon Message – The Logic, science and vast information behind the New Consciousness Grid and the Full Moon Tunings pt1

Dear Earth People!

A new Moon has just started and with that a whole new cycle of energy is starting to build up. It will be another two weeks before there will be another tuning, another Full Moon, in which we collectively will be connecting to the New Consciousness Grid surrounding our planet, so we want to share with you some of the backrgound information that sustains and supports our vision.

We had spoken about the ‘vast levels of science’ behind the message of the Shift in Consciousness that the people of Earth are going through collectively, at this time, and we would like to take the opportunity with the “New Moon Messages”  to share a more left brain, information orientated, male logic, side of this magnificent work. We believe that a greater, deeper understanding of this work can enhance the experience of the mediation and it also allow you to share this message better with those who are still more living in their heads than their hearts.

In understanding all of this work we want you to familiarize yourself with the profound and Ancient knowledge of “As above, so below”. As simple as this phrase sounds it holds one of the keys to the better understanding of what is happening on Earth today and how everything is part of the whole.

Hermes Tremigistus, also know in his time as the Egyptian teacher or deity Toth, was the one who taught men and women alike in Ancient Greece and Egypt about the true Nature of Reality. "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing". When one dives into the work of the Hermetics and reads more on the teaching of Hermes, you’ll find that there were people in that time  that still maintained a holistic whole and balanced viewpoint on life, the universe and the relationships found throughout the cosmos. 

What we wish for you to do is to look around you in your world and see what has been changing over the last century and start noticing the relationships or effects one has on the other. Start looking at how fast time is flying, how our systems seem to all stand on a verge of collapse or better to say; a redefinement into an higher state of existence. How energy supplies are peaking, how world population is going vertical, how pollution levels are expanding exponentially, how human sickness and disease has risen over the last 50 years, how science can’t keep up with itself as it is discovering so much about life the universe and everything every day, every hour.

If you look at the last 100 hundred years and start drawing graphs for all these topics mentioned above you’ll see one identical line appearing. All is one and one is all. The earth, the humans, the sky and the stars, the energies of the cosmos, it is all affecting everything and everything is affected. That this is all happening in our time here on earth is not a coincidence. It is a calling. It is the singularity.

We invited you to participate in sharing the message of this preparatory work for humanity. Link people to the Global Tuning Meditation page and invite them to participate from wherever they are in being the change they want to see.We have provided translations in 40 languages so spread freely across the Earth.

Additional Note: When I woke up this morning I realized that yet another more hidden, less discussed, less taught in dept Hermetic teaching strikes even more chords with the time and changes we are living. "As Within, So Without" . What you see or feel happening around you, even way out in the Cosmos is reflected inside of you. 
Your heart, your head, the search for some awakening, or the urge to put the missing puzzle pieces back together is all part of the same event and you are a full particpant in it, whether conscious or un conscious. Knowing this can empower individuals and groups alike to pulsate out into the world, the cosmos, a hightend understanding a call for change, a call for unconditional love and unity. This is part of our work, your and our responsibility, if you will, to be the conscious co creators of the Shift of the Ages.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reflection on First collective Tuning

Beautiful people of Earth!

It has been a heart warming experience for all involved connecting for the first time to the New Consciousness Grid that is surrounding our beautiful Blue Planet. Some of you shared your beautiful personal experiences of this first Tuning Event. We, again, warmly thank those for sharing their connection and experience with us, and we welcome more of these empowering stories and photos so that we can share them at large when the timing for this is right.(email this to:

Can you share some more about the Main conduction and its purpose?

As mentioned before there was more going on in this first tuning from Saba in the Caribbean than we have spoken about. What actually was completed during this last full moon tuning event was a triangular energy crystal grid that now serves as a direct link up for both wings of the Caribbean to connect to the New Grid.

Ofcourse anyone can connect to this new grid from any place, wherever they may be, but having a physical link up is like having a local Internet server installed right in your living area. So instead of getting your connection through a server on the mainland, USA or South America, you have a high speed connection available right in your area. This new server or anchor point will aid the Caribbean in making the pending leap in consciousness less abrupt and less difficult to navigate. This particular grid has been programmed to start pulsating into the Caribbean a subtle new energy based on universal unconditional love, coming from the next level of consciousness, coming from the New Grid.

The intention from Para PachaMama ~ Spirit of Earth Foundation is to start building these grids all over the planet, holding ceremonies during full moons and activating places where Mother Earths new level of existence can start bleeding into our current reality. We are not the only ones involved in building these connection points for humanity and there are many ways to build these points also. Really anyone can do and assist in this work once they follow some basic but essential guidelines. We are all the Sacred, we are all God, we all have the divine spark within and can surely all shine our light, just work out of love, from your heart, for all life and all humans on Earth. In these days You must be the change you want to see.

We would like to remind you that any type of lightwork that you find yourself doing or are involved in has an effect on the fabric of our collective consciousness. All is cause and effect and so it trickles forth. You are in charge of what you pulsate outward and how you do this in your world. A great way to be part of the change, to assist life in adjusting to the changing times, is to help through connecting to this grid, particularly on Full Moons, as this amplifies intention and energy. And of course spreading this message further to your friends, to your world.

With Love through our Hearts,

Para PachaMama!

Spirit of Earth

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Last note before the First Full Moon Tuning to the New Grid.

Namaste, Beautiful people of Earth!

Tomorrow from within your Heart and how you feel most comfortable, we will collectively link up to the New Grid that is surrounding our Earth.

What we will be doing in Tuning into this new Grid is opening up the bandwidth or accessibility for all people. In following the outline of the meditation it is paramount you connect to this grid in love and in connection with Mother Earth.

Why is this Love 'thing' always so important?

Well, it is extremely difficult to be breathing and being on the next dimensional level of consciousness (Christ Consciousness if you will) and not being in a state of Love, gratitude and peace. It would be almost impossible connecting to this grid in the first place as the 'password' or 'passage' is granted through the Earth and She only will provide passage when you are in alignment with Her, hence the love part. It is like trying to get on your plane without a boarding pass. As above, so below.

Where is the main Conduction taking place??

On Mount Scenery, Saba, Dutch West Indies, Caribbean. But truly and most important : The Sacred Space in your Heart, where we are all One.

As the Caribbean in it's particular (overall) level of consciousness is still a couple of years behind in it's evolutionary path of speeding up and very much so, is (predominantly) rooted in the lower emotional levels of human expression, (i.e the base chakra's; power, sex, materialism) this area will be the Main Conduction area.

There will be more posted on this topic and the Caribbean, as it is a large area usually overlooked in Sacred ceremonial work. One of the benefits of a ceremony held here is that the center of both wings of the Caribbean will soon have a direct physical linkup to the New Grid.

It's so much done in love light and joy. As we do on many occasions we will collectively change our future time lines again. And we are writing this story together.

Meet you throughout the whole day tomorrow, wherever you may be.

With Love through our Hearts,

Para PachaMama!

Spirit of Earth

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