Monday, August 23, 2010

Last note before the First Full Moon Tuning to the New Grid.

Namaste, Beautiful people of Earth!

Tomorrow from within your Heart and how you feel most comfortable, we will collectively link up to the New Grid that is surrounding our Earth.

What we will be doing in Tuning into this new Grid is opening up the bandwidth or accessibility for all people. In following the outline of the meditation it is paramount you connect to this grid in love and in connection with Mother Earth.

Why is this Love 'thing' always so important?

Well, it is extremely difficult to be breathing and being on the next dimensional level of consciousness (Christ Consciousness if you will) and not being in a state of Love, gratitude and peace. It would be almost impossible connecting to this grid in the first place as the 'password' or 'passage' is granted through the Earth and She only will provide passage when you are in alignment with Her, hence the love part. It is like trying to get on your plane without a boarding pass. As above, so below.

Where is the main Conduction taking place??

On Mount Scenery, Saba, Dutch West Indies, Caribbean. But truly and most important : The Sacred Space in your Heart, where we are all One.

As the Caribbean in it's particular (overall) level of consciousness is still a couple of years behind in it's evolutionary path of speeding up and very much so, is (predominantly) rooted in the lower emotional levels of human expression, (i.e the base chakra's; power, sex, materialism) this area will be the Main Conduction area.

There will be more posted on this topic and the Caribbean, as it is a large area usually overlooked in Sacred ceremonial work. One of the benefits of a ceremony held here is that the center of both wings of the Caribbean will soon have a direct physical linkup to the New Grid.

It's so much done in love light and joy. As we do on many occasions we will collectively change our future time lines again. And we are writing this story together.

Meet you throughout the whole day tomorrow, wherever you may be.

With Love through our Hearts,

Para PachaMama!

Spirit of Earth

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