Friday, August 20, 2010

Update to: First Full Moon Tuning Event: Broadening Bandwidth from the Heart

Namaste beautiful people of earth! Life is great! Life is exciting!

As not yet before a global community group has gathered in this format this project seems experimental in Nature. Well Life loves experiments and I bet you, without you knowing, this "Tuning Event" will be observed by the larger community, not necessarily of earth, as very significant in it's nature. Significant for you, for Mother Earth, for the way we are changing consciousness on our planet and most of all for the rest of the people of Earth.

A question was posed: So what will we do in terms of the larger picture?

To explain this better I like to use the terminology of the internet and computer related science as it give us a point of reverence that we all understand. Though understanding is only part of what we are doing here, it will help you in visualizing and experiencing this process better.

(The brain can only take you so far, the heart and the experience is to be the rest of the journey. And not without reasons it is that most indigenous people truly believe that the biggest journey that people on earth will ever make is; from their heads back to their hearts.)

So, here is how it goes: Through means of this meditation, which requires you to be in loving connection with Mother Earth (and preferably the rest of Creation), we will be signing in to the New Human Database that has been developed, created and completed for us over the last 13.000 years. (more on this information is coming)

Remember everything has been set up for us already, so all we need to do is log on to this new grid and just be in connection to it.(Read more about the Meditation) Because this has not been possible for 13.000 years, I suggest, to all of you attending this tuning, to just sit there, be close to it and observe anything you see, feel, hear, or even smell. (This experience and how you experience really depends on how you are wired personally so just let this happen or be. Be the observer.)

You will be exploring a whole New Way of being that you might not be able to relate to as yet. Remember that this is perfectly normal because we are collectively not in this state of consciousness yet. You are one of the first to connect to this new grid and in doing so, you together with others tuning in, are increasing the "bandwidth" of this grid. I like bandwidth as it focuses more on the accessibility of this grid.

There is much, much more to say on this last topic because what we will be doing through this meditation is most likely going to change the way all other people will be able to access and connect to this new grid.

For now please spread this message and get more people tuning in. Life is great, life is inspiring. We're at this great moment in time and we will discover that we are the ones who are writing the script. Please sign others up to be an active co creator in a beautiful transition into the new level of existence.

Thank you for being you!

To your heart,

To learn more about the Shift of the Ages:
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