Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last update - Second Full Moon Tuning Event - Unique alignment identified.

As time progresses and our Full Moon comes in sight we, at Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth, have come to learn even more about the significant alignments and energies that can be illuminated during this particular Full Moon/ Equinox event.

The following are relevant excerpts from an article written by Rob Hart from Australia, published in the Connect Magazine. To read the full length article click here. (Pictures added by Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth)

"This is a big month. There’s a zero degrees Aries full moon exactly on the Equinox, when the Sun aligns with the Equator at zero degrees Libra. This is the line of cardinal polarity. Here’s a picture: on the evening of Thursday 23rd September, as the full moon rises in the east at 0 degrees Aries, the sun is setting in the west at 0degrees Libra. And both Sun and Moon are in exact alignment with the equator.

If you could view this from space it would be quite spectacular, but even from an earthly perspective, if you find a hill where you can look to both the eastern and western horizons at that magic moment when the Sun is setting and Moon is rising, you will be experiencing a unique energy flow.

Sun pouring its life-giving energy in from the cardinal point of balance, harmony, equality and oneness, and being reflected back from a full moon at the cardinal point of new beginnings, pioneering, warrior, ‘I am’- ness of Aries. And this energy stream is flowing and amplifying in a feedback loop right across the equator line.

As far as I know people, this has not occurred before and, if you’ve been following the exciting astrological events of the last few months, you will know that Jupiter and Uranus are hovering around zero Aries, and Saturn is still close to zero Libra. We have the unprecedented opportunity to expand into fully conscious galactic beings and celebrate the real power of oneness.

This has the potential to dissolve all illusions of separation while still retaining an exciting sense of self. What a beautiful paradox to be resolving."(...)

"This is the opening act for the spectacular show that has been announced for 2012. The show has started. Don’t miss out!"

We hope this article can serve as an inspiration, visualization and amplifier to your meditation and work you do during the full moon and after. Once again, thank you for participating in these tunings and being part of the change we all wish to see, collectively and around us. Our hearts are committed, Para Pachamama!

Namaste, Jiriki

Feel free to share with those who resonate to this message.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Equinox and Second Full Moon Tuning - Synchronicity closing in

As synchronicity is closing in on itself during the last years before Zero point is reached, the Nature of reality, at important intervals, becomes extremely harmonious. Who would have thought that you could celebrate two great days coming week?

September 22nd is our Fall Equinox day, celebrating the harvest of your growth over the last year. Evaluate your growth and what you cultivated, plan for storing your harvest and think about transforming it into other useful forms in your life. Take some time to honour the day after which your days become shorter and your nights longer.

September 23rd is our Full Moon day, celebrating collectively our future inheritance, our Next level of existence. You can, within your individual heart and in connection with Mother Earth, attune yourself to the New Grid surrounding our Beautiful Blue Planet. While there open your heart to the experience of a new way, our new way, humanities new extended journey back into unification with Great Spirit.

While connected in the Grid hold within you the awareness of what you are doing. You are creating on the energetic level yet another access point, hooking in another anchor. Spanning another line between this new level of consciousness and our current one. All these lines that we form will in time become a web, a vast web of lines of luminous light. These will become a direct linkup network of connection lines, forming a bridge, an actual connection point between realities. These connection points form doors, options, possibilities for smoother and less abrupt access.

This work is important for humanity; we are bridging the gap between two worlds on an etheric and energetic level. From there it starts descending through the layers of reality. As it enters into humanities collective consciousness, that this Grid is there and it is real, it automatically starts colouring or brightening the collective mind.

At the moment the larger part of humanity is still busy being busy on the runaway train that has no brakes is only speeding up and has all the windows blinded. When the announcement comes that we will all be making a 90 degree turn at the next tone these people will have difficulties finding themselves in a whole new reality with no roadmap.

What you are doing through your heart and in co creation with Mother Earth is developing a roadmap for others to use. So, while you’re up there on the 23rd during the Full Moon, sprinkle some extra love and light around the edges of our collective roadmap. Before you go up there send out some invitations to all who can resonate with this message.


To Share a more grounded version of this work refer your friends to Birth of a New Humanity by Drunvalo Melchizedek, or hook them up with the Message of the Elders through the Shift of the Ages. Don Alejandro, Wandering Wolf has a profound message to share with the world, one that can shake and awaken hearts.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Moon Message – The Logic, science and vast information behind the New Consciousness Grid and the Full Moon Tunings pt1

Dear Earth People!

A new Moon has just started and with that a whole new cycle of energy is starting to build up. It will be another two weeks before there will be another tuning, another Full Moon, in which we collectively will be connecting to the New Consciousness Grid surrounding our planet, so we want to share with you some of the backrgound information that sustains and supports our vision.

We had spoken about the ‘vast levels of science’ behind the message of the Shift in Consciousness that the people of Earth are going through collectively, at this time, and we would like to take the opportunity with the “New Moon Messages”  to share a more left brain, information orientated, male logic, side of this magnificent work. We believe that a greater, deeper understanding of this work can enhance the experience of the mediation and it also allow you to share this message better with those who are still more living in their heads than their hearts.

In understanding all of this work we want you to familiarize yourself with the profound and Ancient knowledge of “As above, so below”. As simple as this phrase sounds it holds one of the keys to the better understanding of what is happening on Earth today and how everything is part of the whole.

Hermes Tremigistus, also know in his time as the Egyptian teacher or deity Toth, was the one who taught men and women alike in Ancient Greece and Egypt about the true Nature of Reality. "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing". When one dives into the work of the Hermetics and reads more on the teaching of Hermes, you’ll find that there were people in that time  that still maintained a holistic whole and balanced viewpoint on life, the universe and the relationships found throughout the cosmos. 

What we wish for you to do is to look around you in your world and see what has been changing over the last century and start noticing the relationships or effects one has on the other. Start looking at how fast time is flying, how our systems seem to all stand on a verge of collapse or better to say; a redefinement into an higher state of existence. How energy supplies are peaking, how world population is going vertical, how pollution levels are expanding exponentially, how human sickness and disease has risen over the last 50 years, how science can’t keep up with itself as it is discovering so much about life the universe and everything every day, every hour.

If you look at the last 100 hundred years and start drawing graphs for all these topics mentioned above you’ll see one identical line appearing. All is one and one is all. The earth, the humans, the sky and the stars, the energies of the cosmos, it is all affecting everything and everything is affected. That this is all happening in our time here on earth is not a coincidence. It is a calling. It is the singularity.

We invited you to participate in sharing the message of this preparatory work for humanity. Link people to the Global Tuning Meditation page and invite them to participate from wherever they are in being the change they want to see.We have provided translations in 40 languages so spread freely across the Earth.

Additional Note: When I woke up this morning I realized that yet another more hidden, less discussed, less taught in dept Hermetic teaching strikes even more chords with the time and changes we are living. "As Within, So Without" . What you see or feel happening around you, even way out in the Cosmos is reflected inside of you. 
Your heart, your head, the search for some awakening, or the urge to put the missing puzzle pieces back together is all part of the same event and you are a full particpant in it, whether conscious or un conscious. Knowing this can empower individuals and groups alike to pulsate out into the world, the cosmos, a hightend understanding a call for change, a call for unconditional love and unity. This is part of our work, your and our responsibility, if you will, to be the conscious co creators of the Shift of the Ages.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reflection on First collective Tuning

Beautiful people of Earth!

It has been a heart warming experience for all involved connecting for the first time to the New Consciousness Grid that is surrounding our beautiful Blue Planet. Some of you shared your beautiful personal experiences of this first Tuning Event. We, again, warmly thank those for sharing their connection and experience with us, and we welcome more of these empowering stories and photos so that we can share them at large when the timing for this is right.(email this to: parapachamama@gmail.com)

Can you share some more about the Main conduction and its purpose?

As mentioned before there was more going on in this first tuning from Saba in the Caribbean than we have spoken about. What actually was completed during this last full moon tuning event was a triangular energy crystal grid that now serves as a direct link up for both wings of the Caribbean to connect to the New Grid.

Ofcourse anyone can connect to this new grid from any place, wherever they may be, but having a physical link up is like having a local Internet server installed right in your living area. So instead of getting your connection through a server on the mainland, USA or South America, you have a high speed connection available right in your area. This new server or anchor point will aid the Caribbean in making the pending leap in consciousness less abrupt and less difficult to navigate. This particular grid has been programmed to start pulsating into the Caribbean a subtle new energy based on universal unconditional love, coming from the next level of consciousness, coming from the New Grid.

The intention from Para PachaMama ~ Spirit of Earth Foundation is to start building these grids all over the planet, holding ceremonies during full moons and activating places where Mother Earths new level of existence can start bleeding into our current reality. We are not the only ones involved in building these connection points for humanity and there are many ways to build these points also. Really anyone can do and assist in this work once they follow some basic but essential guidelines. We are all the Sacred, we are all God, we all have the divine spark within and can surely all shine our light, just work out of love, from your heart, for all life and all humans on Earth. In these days You must be the change you want to see.

We would like to remind you that any type of lightwork that you find yourself doing or are involved in has an effect on the fabric of our collective consciousness. All is cause and effect and so it trickles forth. You are in charge of what you pulsate outward and how you do this in your world. A great way to be part of the change, to assist life in adjusting to the changing times, is to help through connecting to this grid, particularly on Full Moons, as this amplifies intention and energy. And of course spreading this message further to your friends, to your world.

With Love through our Hearts,

Para PachaMama!

Spirit of Earth

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