Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reflection on First collective Tuning

Beautiful people of Earth!

It has been a heart warming experience for all involved connecting for the first time to the New Consciousness Grid that is surrounding our beautiful Blue Planet. Some of you shared your beautiful personal experiences of this first Tuning Event. We, again, warmly thank those for sharing their connection and experience with us, and we welcome more of these empowering stories and photos so that we can share them at large when the timing for this is right.(email this to:

Can you share some more about the Main conduction and its purpose?

As mentioned before there was more going on in this first tuning from Saba in the Caribbean than we have spoken about. What actually was completed during this last full moon tuning event was a triangular energy crystal grid that now serves as a direct link up for both wings of the Caribbean to connect to the New Grid.

Ofcourse anyone can connect to this new grid from any place, wherever they may be, but having a physical link up is like having a local Internet server installed right in your living area. So instead of getting your connection through a server on the mainland, USA or South America, you have a high speed connection available right in your area. This new server or anchor point will aid the Caribbean in making the pending leap in consciousness less abrupt and less difficult to navigate. This particular grid has been programmed to start pulsating into the Caribbean a subtle new energy based on universal unconditional love, coming from the next level of consciousness, coming from the New Grid.

The intention from Para PachaMama ~ Spirit of Earth Foundation is to start building these grids all over the planet, holding ceremonies during full moons and activating places where Mother Earths new level of existence can start bleeding into our current reality. We are not the only ones involved in building these connection points for humanity and there are many ways to build these points also. Really anyone can do and assist in this work once they follow some basic but essential guidelines. We are all the Sacred, we are all God, we all have the divine spark within and can surely all shine our light, just work out of love, from your heart, for all life and all humans on Earth. In these days You must be the change you want to see.

We would like to remind you that any type of lightwork that you find yourself doing or are involved in has an effect on the fabric of our collective consciousness. All is cause and effect and so it trickles forth. You are in charge of what you pulsate outward and how you do this in your world. A great way to be part of the change, to assist life in adjusting to the changing times, is to help through connecting to this grid, particularly on Full Moons, as this amplifies intention and energy. And of course spreading this message further to your friends, to your world.

With Love through our Hearts,

Para PachaMama!

Spirit of Earth

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