Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Equinox and Second Full Moon Tuning - Synchronicity closing in

As synchronicity is closing in on itself during the last years before Zero point is reached, the Nature of reality, at important intervals, becomes extremely harmonious. Who would have thought that you could celebrate two great days coming week?

September 22nd is our Fall Equinox day, celebrating the harvest of your growth over the last year. Evaluate your growth and what you cultivated, plan for storing your harvest and think about transforming it into other useful forms in your life. Take some time to honour the day after which your days become shorter and your nights longer.

September 23rd is our Full Moon day, celebrating collectively our future inheritance, our Next level of existence. You can, within your individual heart and in connection with Mother Earth, attune yourself to the New Grid surrounding our Beautiful Blue Planet. While there open your heart to the experience of a new way, our new way, humanities new extended journey back into unification with Great Spirit.

While connected in the Grid hold within you the awareness of what you are doing. You are creating on the energetic level yet another access point, hooking in another anchor. Spanning another line between this new level of consciousness and our current one. All these lines that we form will in time become a web, a vast web of lines of luminous light. These will become a direct linkup network of connection lines, forming a bridge, an actual connection point between realities. These connection points form doors, options, possibilities for smoother and less abrupt access.

This work is important for humanity; we are bridging the gap between two worlds on an etheric and energetic level. From there it starts descending through the layers of reality. As it enters into humanities collective consciousness, that this Grid is there and it is real, it automatically starts colouring or brightening the collective mind.

At the moment the larger part of humanity is still busy being busy on the runaway train that has no brakes is only speeding up and has all the windows blinded. When the announcement comes that we will all be making a 90 degree turn at the next tone these people will have difficulties finding themselves in a whole new reality with no roadmap.

What you are doing through your heart and in co creation with Mother Earth is developing a roadmap for others to use. So, while you’re up there on the 23rd during the Full Moon, sprinkle some extra love and light around the edges of our collective roadmap. Before you go up there send out some invitations to all who can resonate with this message.


To Share a more grounded version of this work refer your friends to Birth of a New Humanity by Drunvalo Melchizedek, or hook them up with the Message of the Elders through the Shift of the Ages. Don Alejandro, Wandering Wolf has a profound message to share with the world, one that can shake and awaken hearts.

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  1. Paimarire 'Good Peace'~ from the land that greets the first Sun! Blessings to you all, our dear Brohers and Sisters of the Light Realm! At our 'Stargate of Hope' that was opened to the World through an Auspicious Goddess Ceremony on 3.9.2010. We are holding our "Circle of Love" gathering, here at the 'Stargate of Hope'..10pm on 22nd; for the Equinox - Full Moon...when we shall link this World with the Multidimensions of the Upper Realms! And So It Is ~ Anchoring in The Light of One Love ~ One Heart! And So Be It! Kirar Taraishia 'Ancient Star Name~ Red Star of Hope'!