Sunday, October 24, 2010

Re: Third Full Moon Tuning - Happiness, Joy and excitement expressed through your Earth

Another full moon is now behind us..and upon checking the attending numbers, now 1111 hearts and minds commited to this Pachamama focussed event. With the number still growing and a steady increase in numbers over the last 3 full moons, it is to be expected that the 100th monkey syndrom  number is to be reached in about 6 months, six more moons only. After that we'll see if mor synchornization is needed, Mother Earth will let you know.

In the next New Moon Message the monkeys and the studies done on them will be discussed. What it essentially describes is a certain critical number of synchronized thoughts and feelings being experienced and felt as being real and happening Now, will change reality (the experience or thoughts about it) within in the collective mind or consciousness, instantly or at least over night. It's the Science of 'prayer', meditaion or heart focussed intention, however certain values need to be in place for full co creation with Life to take place and prayer to be effective.

In order to reach the 100th monkey, which could be your neigbour, mother, sister or more likely one of the children around you, you are, of course,  invited to be a broadcatser of the Full Moon event invitations and the messages through the Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth group. To make more people understand the actual meditation, it's focus and it's very real scientific based end-results it is aiming for, there are the messages on to deepen the understanding or logic and provide a broader template for experience during the Full Moon events.

Para Pachamama ~Spirit of Earth is an effort of the collective, by the collective and with todays technology it's as easy as a few clicks on a few buttons. Feel free and empowered to particpate in raising the numbers of membership to the Fb group, which makes it easier to broadcast the messages through, but also the blogpage, that stores the updates and messages. There are some handy FB and twitter features on for this, making your share even easier.

In closing, being in communcation with Mother Earth over this last Full Moon event in Australia, the question was posed how the colective heart intentions and sharing efforts are being recieved by the Earth. Joy, excitement and childlike happyness came through with a interesting hand gesture to try out if you're up for it. The meaning of this childhood hand/finger movement describes much more than just the wiggeling. Perhaps you would like to share your interpretation of it. Finding yourself laughing while doing this is one of the messages Earth wants to share, the end result is duality described in our current world, but it's probably more than that. Please share your thoughts and enjoy it.

In Joy.


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  1. Jah:

    I will never know if I am inside these changes or the fly who must bear witness for the benefit M.E. & humanity receives.

    I set my intention for PEACE & the minimisation of desires- and that I may adopt others' desires in order to minimize these without interference.

    Difficult to say which works better- to digest the remnants of old duality, and immulsify these within your blueprint of divine androgyny. OR to chuck ways the rynds, leaving these for M.E., and forge forth in prayer towards the utmost vision of harmony that exists within yourself. We each have some role.


  2. What time, extraordinary times, never before I do remember such confusing times. The best of times, tapestry of the both. Sit and work out what you see, but seen so many battles won and lost, understand should we try? Will we do we cry? Swallow your pride, it is the time on top of the hill we stand, ready poised , take care!!!!