Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Re: Global Gathering Full Moon Solstice and Lunar Eclips

From the heart of our Earth, thank you, for taking time and consciously connect during the important time window of the Full Moon and Solstice on our Earth. The cosmic alignments that we're present with the full lunar eclipse over the Pacific made an energy exchange possible that matched the opening of hearts within people.

through Para PachaMama and the other Solstice events that we we're sending out we reached over 2000 committed "join event" hearts. With many people actually holding this gathering in groups and circles we feel that at least 4000 - 5000 people joined in connection during this night.

Then there are all the other beautiful souls, networks, and groups out there that did similar work on other levels, all with the same vision and desire for a collective outcome; shifting humanity into a world of connectedness, love and understanding that we are connected deeply with nature and all Life everywhere.

This past event has been witnessed by Life as a magical display of intentional heart fires lighting up all over the world. As soon as a part of the world entered the night, light, fires, flames and love lid up countries. It looked like each country after country came 'online', got turned on for the solstice and full moon and in our database it is clear that about 56% of all countries held ceremony on Earth. That is more than half the entire planet, indeed this must have been a magnificent show to watch from space.

As we are now welcomed to the other side of the solar year we are together on a journey to do this again, to make the groups bigger, to extend this intention and need for ceremony and connection further. This is what will shift our collective awareness.

Thank you also for infusing your personal touch to your ceremony, your rituals and your connection to life has been honoured and empowered during the Global Solstice Gathering. This is what Para PachaMama is out to bring about. Personal, individual and group re connections to Earth, to Life and honouring your sacred connection in all this. From our understanding this leads us to a new place, into a new world, that is that world we all dream of and that we envision to be one of community, love and togetherness.

Please connect yourself to our Resonance newsletter this will create better bonds to reach out further into the world. We envision events like these taking place more frequent on significant days and so the next major gathering will be the Equinox, something great to look forward to. We hope to see you there!

Keep yourself connected. Life thanks you for who you are,

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