Monday, February 28, 2011

Celebrating the start of the Wave of Unity, Amplifying the Effects of the Wave through Intention.

We have waited on receiving an appropriate ceremonial form of signifiying this event! Share this with all your connections so they too become aware of the divine wave of time that will start changing the way we perceive reality forever.

"The energy shift occurs on Mar 8, 2011. This new quantum energy field will support, strongly encourage, and help create the conditions for our final potential delivery as co-creative Unity Consciousness Beings who embrace an alchemical union of the polarities of dark and light. This means you! The Consciousness of All That Is has been and continues to send us clear and urgent messages within the manifestation of Mother Earth changes and changes within ourselves to strongly invite us to recognize and return to a knowing of our interconnectedness to All That Is?"

(it's suggested you practice this meditation in your mind prior to commencing)

Upon awakening remind yourself about the intention you have set for this day. Take some time to bring yourself in loving connection with Mother Earth before you start your day.

When you are ready on this day: Think of a place in Nature that you love. Feel this love and expand this love so that you can experience this growing love for all of Nature. Become aware of this love as you focus your center of attention to in your heart.

* Start breathing deeply through your nose and focussed from you lower abdominals being in this state of love, allowing light energy from the earth and the sky to come into your body, mixing it with YOUR LOVE.

* When you are ready start on breath 1 of 9 deep breaths and visualize the LOVE you've been building forming into LIGHT, with each breath the light increases (2), grows bigger and bigger (3), another breath brighter and brighter(4) until it forms a ball.(5)

* At breath 6 see this light forming into a massive Ball of Light in which you now sit infusing it more and more

* with breath 7 & 8 you fill this ball to maximum capacity making it tight and ready to be exploded across the earth and into the cosmos in one massive pulse of energy.

* on breath 9 tighten your lips and start pressing air out through your lips, while you visualize the ball of light being ready to explode causing a wave of expanding light to stretch out for miles and miles from the center of your heart.
Now open your lips as you blow out all air you hold in 1 blow. This blow of breath releases all your love, all your light in a massive pulse of light energy across the earth, infusing all life, all beings with Love, Light and transformation.

* Feel the love. Feel the joy and know that together with you 1000's of people are deploying massive balls of light and unity consciousness.

This is best done through inviting people to this Fb event and FW them the Global Community Network of

If this Meditation feels great and you'd like to stay connected become a member of the Para Pachamama Fb Group for more information go

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