Friday, February 4, 2011

Cyclones, Surrending and Celebration

It has been an interesting and learn some time over the last week.The place from which the Para PachaMama Global Community Network(  was to be launched got hit by Australia biggest Cyclone in history...

Once we knew that the birth of this new network would not come from Australian ground due to beautiful Yasi coming in closer and closer we had to shift and prepare this birth through different means and channels.

It has been a beautiful experience. Having build Para PachaMama up and being so closely involved in its formation and setting up for over 8 months, the pristine birth of this network was not to come through the same hands, heart and mind. Letting go and trusting that this Community Effort needs to be born through and with the Community was all that we needed to do.

Seeing the enthusiasm and strength of our small group of Para PachaMama insiders, we trusted that the launch would all go as it should.

Prior to the Cyclone hitting we held ceremony with Earth. We prayed for the Animals, we prayed for the Trees, we prayed for the Land. We learned that when you pray for their safety, their shelter, their strength and ability to come through a Storm like this, people will make it through as well, if they need to. The energy and emotions were intense. Knowing that this Cyclone had to happen to try and wake up the people of Earth again, to get rid of the old, to strengthen the new, we knew that what was to come over us was immense and we had never whiteness anything like this before. We trusted and surrendered as that is all we can do.

We missed the release, the messages and the intentions held in those. We hope they resonated and inspired you to join this new community, that now really has become a world wide effort. There are no commitments only connections to be made.

When you join this network as a member you will be staying connected with a growing group of people who are dedicated, through self action, to cushion this shift for humanity, to make the transitions within with more ease, to learn and experience a new form of Global Communication as it comes to some of the most Sacred Ceremonies that will be held on the planet these coming days.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate, if you have any ambitions feel free to share them. This Global Community Network is here for you to share, exchange, learn and contribute to the awakening of the Human heart, the 100th Monkey.

We deeply thank everyone involved  that is making this network a birthing place of a new form of information sharing in relationship to our ancient traditions, indigenous elders, grandfathers, wisdom keepers and grandmothers.

Share with us your dreams, visions and world on

In deep gratitude for your presence on Earth today.

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  1. ...I feel soooo Blessed and Greatfull to be experiencing all this "happenings", thanks to You All... NOW I remember that I was born to BE HERE!!!...
    It's finally "happening"!
    Can You Sense It?

    All ways in Oneness... Feder.