Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon Resonance Message for March 2011

We are in the greatest shift of reality in our remembered histories. This is not something that is going to happen; we are in this birthing process now, feeling the contractions of birthing both in our internal and external realities (they are really one and the same). This Full Moon is a super moon with strong energies and will be very close to the earth. If you can possibly be around a power spot during this moon it would be a benefit. However, you can take advantage of the amazing energies wherever you are. Take time to do absolutely “nothing.” Sit in the stillness of all that is, allow the new unity wave of consciousness (Mayan terminology) to caress your being into a reality that is in higher alignment with your true nature, with your inherent joy finding the space to give bloom to its full potential. There will be more powerful energy, and many life changes, as the moon swings close to Earth and plays with the Sun who is shifting its own energy frequency (seen in science as increased solar activity and massive solar flares) to adjust to the new universal codes of light. If you would like to participate in a simple visualization/mediation technique and deeply tap into the new grid of consciousness please visit:

During this coming Full Moon and Equinox we ask you to hold ceremony with Water, to hold ceremony with Earth. Water is our source of Life. We all know how profoundly water responds to intention.Water streams everywhere. Rivers and other waterways are the veins of our beautiful Planet, our Mother Earth.

On this day use your intention to honor the life-giving energies, the cleansing properties, the unconditional nurturing, and food providing abilities of our most sacred element of water. Visit the link below to learn more about a beautiful method for blessing the waters of the world.

Know that the planet is different; our reality has quite literally shifted and will continue to do so in the days to come. Symbolized by the nuclear reactor issue in Japan, and by the waves of seismic activity (and other activity such as volcanic and atmospheric) we are being challenged to manage and reclaim our own personal power, overcome our fears and courageously step into a new paradigm. There will always be loss connected with change; there must be death in order to birth to occur. This is how creativity in this realm functions. We are moving out of an incredibly dense reality (one of infinite parallel realities coexisting with the one we are currently in) into a reality of a much more elevated state of consciousness, a greater awareness of our intrinsic divinity and infinite nature. Always look to the opportunity rather than what is no longer available. Trust the larger picture and greater design of evolution and know that spirit/god/creator does not make mistakes. We are moving now into a time of greater love, joy, equanimity, compassion, wisdom and abundance. Hold this in your thoughts and actions as you allow the reality of your deepest and truest desires to manifest fully into being.

To Join the Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth GlobalCommunity visit:

To participate in global prayer and collective breathing exercises for Japan and for the rest of the world visit:


The Spring Equinox is Sunday, March 20 at 5:21 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Do something to honor the fire element this month. This will balance out the healing of the waters. Burn something old that represents not only what you wish to give over from the past few months or weeks, but something from your childhood or from your youth that represents very powerfully an identity of yours that is past. This would also be a great time to identify something you are still attached to and either symbolically or actually burn it. Fire is purifying and signifies complete change and transformation. This is the time to use fire constructively to lovingly destroy all self-limiting belief systems and stuck energy in your being. Fire is also the masculine counterpart to the feminine power of water. Both of these elements are strong this year and should be honored as representing the masculine and the feminine within us. Use them, honor them, and thank them.

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