Thursday, April 14, 2011

Action Required: Support Ancient Wisdom Rising through our Cultural Cause!

Yes, time for action! Take some time out of your 'busy' fb schedule and support this cause. We're sending you this message because we feel that the Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth group can help bring into Reality a unique and special funding for the AWR Gathering. Yes, Support this cause!

As you know Para Pachamama has been supporting the Ancient Wisdom Rising Gathering in achieving their goals and vision for their Global Elder Gathering in Port Townsend Washington, USA this coming May 19th-22nd.

Their volunteer team has been working and preparing for this gathering for over two years and they really need our help today.


Ancient Wisdom Rising has received a most generous offer that a donor is going to match up to $3000 worth of donations that come in between now and May 1. These donations will be used toward scholarships and partial scholarships to attend Ancient Wisdom Rising.

We created a Fb Cause so we can all support this effort. We can really shine our light through this and if we all chip in we, together, have the power to create something that our hearts resonate with deeply.

Please take some time out of your 'busy' fb schedule to support this cause.

In supporting this cause you can:

- "Take the pledge" to invite 300 of your friends! Let us all take this pledge!

- "Spend some time". Money will be donated by advertisers if you spend some time for this cause

- Donate. If all of our Para Pachamama Members would only donate $1,- US to this Cause we would raise well over 2400,-$ which will be matched by the donor. Please consider to make this commitment your dollar can become a catalyst for abundance. Thank you!

The donor who has said to match up to $3000,-

Yes, this is a special opportunity to shine and help an organization succeed in their hard work, endless hours and energy to bring to us the people a gathering of great importance, significance and power.


We have made the videocast, with Tata Erick Gonzalez available to all. We learned a lot of putting a show on like this and it has been magical participating in a online gathering in this way. Tata Erick who will be representing the Maya during the AWR gathering speaks deeply about our time, our collective dream and how ceremony and circle really assists us in becoming reconnected deeper and deeper with Spirit.

You are welcome to share, listen and learn from this most remarkable Elder, teacher and visionary:

Many Blessings and beautiful Guidance and support on your days leading up into the Full Moon.

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