Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reflections on the 1st Round of Intention Crystals

“Envision Earth in total darkness with fires lighting up one by one all over the planet. From Australia to Peru, from Switzerland to Tibet, from Canada to South Africa, everywhere you can see sacred fire circles emerging. Circles of fire that honour our connection to Earth, celebrate our awakening of unity and acknowledge the important work that takes place right in that very moment. Fires for purification, fires for love. A global acupuncture session for earth, clearing pathways, flushing meridians, infusing the Earth with all of our desires for healing, full awakening, unity and peace.”

The Solstice Gathering, "Fire on Earth" was the first calling for global ceremony to be held with Earth and all Life through Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth. Prior to this we were and still are today encouraging people to tune into during Full Moons and connect themselves in love and gratitude to the new electromagnetic consciousness grid that surrounds our planet. This full moon practice goes deeply into the sciences of our human heart and its intimate relationships to the Earth and her electromagnetic (changing) fields and we for the Solstice we were asked to empower our connections and coordinate the Global Solstice Gathering of 'true ceremony' an 'act of reconnection through fire'.

An amazing opportunity for individual transformation.

"It is time that you honour your sacred ability and birthright to hold ceremony and work with the Earth, talk with the Earth be in close connection with the Earth."

It only took one person to have a vision and from that thousands of people were bringing into focus their desire to honor and reconnect themselves on deeper levels of their own awareness to our Earth, our Mother and Great Spirit, our Father Sky. The cosmic alignments that we're present with the full lunar eclipse that took place during the Solstice in December made an energy exchange possible that matched the frequency signature of  the opening of the heart space within people.

We believe and deeply understand that spiritual practice, ceremony, or the acknowledgement and honoring of our connections to all Life need ownership on the individual level. For this Gathering we encouraged everyone to infuse their personal touch to their ceremony, their rituals and their connection to life. This is what Para Pachamama is out to bring about. Personal, individual and group re connections to Earth, to Life and honouring your sacred connection in all this, without stipulations from any particular source to give precise directions or outlines of 'how to do this'. From our understanding this leads us to a new place, into a new world, that is that world we all dream of and that we envision to be one of community, love and togetherness.

Ceremony With Earth and Spirit in Far North Queensland Australia.

In preparation of our own gathering in Australia we knew and were asked to expand on several important global gridworks of intention crystals, connect new crystals to it and program them to facilitate even more transformation than what they were imbued with already.

We gathered on 'country', true first peoples land, sacred land belonging to the Indigenous peoples of Australia. We gathered on Davies Creek in Far North Queensland.  We had recieved permission to hold ceremony from the traditional land owners, the elders of that area and with their consent a group of "New people' would gather to hold ceremony on country with Spirit and the Ancestors of the land.

It stormed, rained and poured curtains of rain all around our area and only a small group of 25 people and their children made it through the waters pouring from the sky. After setting up camp and we gathered in a circle we asked all the children to smudge and cleanse the group with white sage. The purity of having children performing the actual ceremonial aspects of our journey that night made us all still and centered in a space of love. We had opening prayers and our indigenous elder George spoke from his heart, inviting and welcoming us all onto his land, the land of his people and his ancestors.

We were asked to bring the sacred fran gepani flowers to this gathering. Fran Gepani flowers are recognized among all native cultures as a sacred flower used for ceremony to bridge the worlds of Earth with that of Spirit and are known as "Flor de Mayo", sacred flower of the Maya. Each of us were handed down a sacred flower by the children present and a beautifuil circle of flowers was laid around our ceremonial fire place. We were ready to begin.

Creating sacred space and the purpose of ceremony is to consciously in our reality create a place between worlds were the Spirits, the hidden life energies, the ancestors, guides, angels and all energy workers on the other side of the veil can come into and work with us. Without creating sacred space for those who we wish to contact or work with there is no 'work' that takes place. It is when we consciously create this space between the worlds that energy work on the next levels of reality can take place.

What happened in this space and time is sacred, but let us say that part of the energy consciousnss grid restorative work that we are to carry out here in Australia was recieved with open arms by the other side of the veil. We connected in love to our Sacred Mother and in Love to our Father Sky and from there journeyed together as a group, in unity.

We closed our circle that night by linking and attuning our first Para Pachamama Crystal round of Clear Quartz crystals to crystals that we were entrusted with as 'Crystal Carriers' and that are connected to important global crystal healing gridworks that now span as fast webs of light around our Earth. Two of these gridworks stem from sacred fire ceremonies held in Guatamala and the Island of the Sun in Bolivia and are entrusted to us as we are planetary ambassadors of the "Shift of the Ages".

Special Note: As Para Pachamama is also a planetary Ambassador for the Shift of the Ages and thus Don Alejandro Cerilo Perez's work, his journey and mission, our intention Crystals are attuned to and connected with the Ceremonial Intention crystals programmed and blessed by Don Alejandro Cerilo Perez during the First Round of (Quartz) Intention Crystals in Guatemala. These Crystals were given to early SOTA Project Ambassadors and are now stationed around the globe. Para Pachamama Australia is proud to be such a Crystal Carrier. These initial Fire Ceremony Intention Crystals have been imbued with the powerful intentions of indigenous tribal Elders who unite with Wandering Wolf from around the globe in his mission of global unity and peace. 

ADDITIONAL NOTE: these are not Shift of the Ages Ambassador crystals nor a representation of them. These are highly attuned crystaline units that we have programmed to facilitate the cushioning of the Shift. This is based on frequency and subtle energy and the ongoing working with crystals over years past. We have added as part of this programming onto the crystals a direct connection to Intention Crystals that have come through the Shift of the Ages. In this we are intending to extend and honor their work, their energy and the love and intentions that were first expressed by the Elders blessing those crystal rounds.

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