Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Para Pachamama Launches New initiative - Awakening the Dreamer

Para Pachamama has launched the Awakening campaign on Facebook as to facilitate the development of an online fb community group that will be focussing their intend on Awakening the Dreamer and staying awake. It is just so easy to doze of in this time and yet it is during this time that we are to fully rise to who we truly are. That's hard when we are actually half way asleep and most of the people won't even know or acknowledge that they are.

The AWAKENING THE DREAMER and STAYING AWAKE campaign will be one in  series of a follow up campaigns to keep the flame a live. Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth is stepping up an octave to ensure that our responsibility in the awakening process is strong enough and taken up by those who have come to this earth to be the change.

Have a look at the inside of your fridge, how much of it did you grow? How much is organic? How much isn't really real food? You are, every day, supporting a Paradigm with you choices through purchase and those paradigms are soon to be taken away, are your ready, are you truly awake? What are you doing? Where is your garden? How deep is your connection with Earth if your food is so unreal?

This is for most not a nice feeling and that is ok. We can no longer afford to be so sweet and gentle about our unconscious actions. If you are here on earth to assist we might truly start with our closest relationship to all life. What do we eat, what do we vote for to be totally ok?

PachaMama means Mother Earth in the Ancient Quechua language, Para is Spanish for "For". Bridging the Ancient and New World  languages to form the foundation of our work.

if you'd like to join this campaign go to: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=203825716322762

Official Website: http://parapachamama.org

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