Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tena koe, greetings,

Knowing that the process of the unfolding awakening is Guided and overseen by Spirit in many more ways than we can see through, it again seems that our shared understanding of the unfolding awakening of humanity is still limited and for this we should probably all be grateful.

We envisioned sharing with the world at large one of the most hidden Sacred Legacies of this Earth. We thought that the time may be right, we thought this would be perfect the only question we had was: could such a important link to our own personal and collective human past be released in such a powerful and superseeding way?

The Third Wave of theGreat Embrace was geared to break through the 100th Monkey number and release into the collective consciousness a new knowing, a new understanding of our Origin and Potential. For it was envisioned that this 3rd wave during the Solstice window could open up ,with might, a doorway into our collective memory.

It is our mission here on earth to remember who we truly are. What is it that we forgot about ourselves? And who will help us remember and reconnect us to our most Ancient past?

Hidden behind a Veil, consciously hidden and removed as memory from many worlds within and above worlds a Sacred Knowledge, Promise and Memory has been kept save for hundreds of years.

It was our intention to share with you in more detail what we speak of above. Yet, we now understand we have been guided all along to simply allow you and all those who read this to make a conscious choice to pursue further a knowing and remembering that is one of the most significant and important pieces of our collective remembrance as a human species on this our Planet Mother Earth.

Please go to to learn more and discover a world that wants to be known.

We are Waitaha

We are Waitaha. We are the water containers of the Creator, therefore we have been imbued with the many forms of waters containing the many gifts of all that is in the Universe.

Te tapu o te Ao kei a koe

The sacredness of the world is in you
Te tapu o te Ariki kei a koe

The sacredness of nobility is in you
Te tapu o te Tamaiti kei a koe

The sacredness of the child is in you

...It is spoken now as it has been in our distant past. We are always here in the Universe. For there were many water containers of many forms, of many nations. We follow Rongomaraeroa the Goddess of Peace. Waitaha is older than old.

Waitaha literally means "water container," with the recognition that our bodies are mostly water. When our water is calm we are at peace. The Waitaha return to Turtle Island (North America) at this time is the fulfillment of a promise made to a grandmother about six thousand five hundred years ago when they departed from the Salish Sea region of the Pacific Northwest. They were to find a place to keep their teachings of peace as clear as possible and were to return when the current Earth changes are occurring.

The Waitaha were the last migration of an ancient people of peace that traveled the globe before history deemed it possible, and mostly by sea. They migrated to avoid being trapped into war cultures, and to explore this beautiful planet for their descendents. They consider themselves related to the Tibetans, the Hopi, the tribes of the Salish Sea area, the Celts, the inhabitants of Lake Titicaca and Easter Island, Hawaii, and Polynesia, to name a few.

Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman of the Kurawaka line of the Waitaha has been called in the smoke ritual and given the task to hold the keys for the release of the ancient wisdoms into the World of Light. This wisdom has been kept secret for 76 generations. The Waitaha are an ancient wisdom culture of peace, and the first people of New Zealand. Makere also holds the title of Mareikura, a position that is given only once in every 100 years, along with her male counterpart, the Whatukura, to care for the ancestors departed and to point the way today.

Makere regularly writes to the world through her Blog: