Monday, January 24, 2011

Companions on the Quest for a Viable World

By Deena Metzger
Co-creator of the Para PachaMama Global Community Network for Mother Earth.

Dear Companions on the Quest for a Viable World:

A dream took me to a soul vigil, a walkabout, 100 days of listening, 10 days of silence.
When I followed the imagery of that dream, I expected to be led from a shadowy and decaying European cityscape, the old, grim darkness of imperial mind and human hegemony, to sanctuary in the red, light-filled sands of southwestern cavers, kivas and holy places. That is not what occurred on the walkabout but instead, I was asked to bear witness to the extremity of our global tragedy. Awful as some of it was, I simultaneously experienced, as I have so many times in my life, the Presence alongside me/us, offering ways to heal ourselves and the great earth wounds that call for restoration and peace.
Attributing having had breast cancer to being over-radiated by fluoroscopy as a child, I immediately understand why a dream would call me to behold again and again, radioactive waste seeping into the watershed of the Reservations. But, also, each time I went to a site or did ritual, it rained in this dry land.
This was not the first time I made a pilgrimage to the Four Corners area of the Navajo Reservation. In 2008, a group of us accompanied Ki'na Dark Cloud, an Arikara-Navajo woman, to Tuba City. She had lived there as a child, had played in the uranium tailings and had contracted leukemia. We went to help her recover her health and to see what healing we could offer the earth. That time we were also accompanied by a 'dark cloud' guiding our ritual activities.  Afterwards, her medical doctor was amazed that her bone marrow is clear and she does not have leukemia. (However, the serious effects of chemotherapy remain.) A few years later she was diagnosed with “a Chernobyl-like thyroid cancer” that, thankfully, was removed surgically.”

In gratitude Ki’na Dark Cloud offered her increasing dreaming gifts to the community which direct us toward healing the earth.  Illness calls forth its right medicine. We make the offering and become the remedy. Affliction is one way we learn the story we are called to live; each of us has been given a path to walk. Everyone is called to bring healing to this time. How do we do it?

Before the end of the 101 days, I went into silence.  I emerged asking the unavoidable question: How, now, shall I live? What is Spirit asking?
Soon the questions were refined: How shall we live as we approach the opportunity and portal of 2012?
Many different traditions describe the end of one cycle and the beginning of another: the Kali Yuga; The end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the Aquarian; the millennium; the Hopi prophecies; the Maya Calendar Cycle - 2012 etc. Each transition challenges us. Who shall we each become in order to align with the possibility of the 5th World?

When I first began following the dream, I had thought I was being called to on-going silence and solitude. I thought my offering was to step away from community life toward the austere, but blessed life of a crone at the edge of the forest and toward the hermetic pursuits of a writer. Much of my time during these hundred days was spent completing a novel, La Negra y Blanca, (Hand to Hand, Spring 2011) about the on-going Conquest. Then future books calling to be written began to present themselves to me; Sipapu, is one of them, even as solitude eluded me and the extremities of our time and community demanded my attention.  
Spirit's wisdom came through friends, who commiserating with me,  said, "You can't write about Sipapu, unless you go through it yourself. Sipapu is the corridor between the worlds. To pass through it from one world to another, one must be entirely broken down in order to be reconstituted as another being, attuned to the new reality on the other side.  You cannot escape this process of transformation if you wish to write about it, if you hope that you and we will be sufficiently altered to transit from the 4th to the 5th World."

We are moving toward the end of a 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. On 12-20-2012 there will be a strange and powerful alignment of planets with the black hole that is the exact dark center of the Milky Way, both the birthplace of our galaxy and the mythic entrance to the underworld, the sacred site of birth, death and rebirth. Shouldn't we pay attention?

I was writing a Training for the 5th World to help us honor the obligation to 2012, when I received an email relaying a dream from the same Ki'na Dark Cloud with whom we had made a pilgrimage to the Four Corners Reservation:

 “I dreamt that I had been walking for days, wandering perhaps, and came upon Creator. ...I was simply in the presence of Creator ... I had been brought here to ask my most urgent question. ...I was standing in air, no ground beneath me, no shoes. I asked "What is the 2012 meaning?" I felt that my question had been awkwardly phrased, but I could not phrase it any other way. Creator answered me immediately with "it is the point of no return."
I was fearful then, and asked how we could bear this; how we could even imagine trying to heal in this. Creator reached out with a foot and traced the word KNOW in front of me. I had been physically unable to lift my eyes to look at Creator, so I was looking down as this word was written. The point of KNOW return. That was my answer.
In a well paced lecturer's voice Creator told me that at this time, 2012, the knowledge that we did indeed have the power to destroy creation would be apparent, that at this time we had our last chance to cease and desist the destruction before the planet could no longer replenish anything. Even air.
Creator was not calm when telling me that to destroy creating for convenience and money was insanity. It was not what was expected of such soul-carrying beings as humans. I said that I did not know how to climb up this mountain of responsibility with no map, no shoes, no steps. I could feel a breeze on my feet and knew that I would be lifted and able to climb the unseen mountain.”

Immediately, another email arrived from environmentalist Carolyn Raffensperger, (Science and Environmental Health Network) who stated that saving the earth, providing for the future must be a community event if it is to succeed. Reading her words, I understand that through facing the challenges together, community, itself so ravaged, might also be healed.

Thich Nhat Hahn said "It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth."

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Official Opening of the Para PachaMama Global Community Network

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On the New Moon of February we will launch the New Global Commuity Network that is set out to unite, gather, build, energize and motivate the awakened Tribes of Earth. So that we, together, can become a force front for change, for awakening of the Global Mind. We here share one vision in common: "We are the Ones that we have been waiting for." Let's live and share that truth and encourage eachother and our relations to rise up and get connected to  eachother and most imprtant to our most precious Mother Earth.

This is about cushioning the Shift.
This is about being the change we want to see.
This is about our Earth that is calling us to awaken our friends and families.

This event is FREE as Para PachaMama ~ Spirit of Earth is a NEVER for profit initiative.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Moon Message: 2011 the Birth of a New Humanity: Shifting Timelines and the Bible Code

Without a doubt you have been feeling, thinking and dreaming about 2011. The year that stands before the end of the old world. What will it bring? What will we create? Will the Shift take place? Would you be ready if it did?

This year is the year where experiential time will speed up so much that you will have to make choice after choice after choice. These choices, whether made consciously through the strength of your mind power or effortlessly through your intuitive hearts longing, will lead you either into another lifetime or two of being subscribed to the world of corporate gain orientated mind control, called television, or it will finally lead you into the whole new realms of relating and being part of this new One Reality. In this light 2011 is really the weighing of hearts. 2011 is the time and place where you decide which time-line you want to be part of.

The Time-line of the New Unfolding Paradigm

Reality is created in each moment, by us as an individual and as part of the collective. Quantum physics has proven this fact over and over again. This year critical mass about this knowledge will break through and this will cause a shift in our collective awareness. We will jump yet another time-line, coming closer and closer to a line where Unity can be moved into effectively. People tend to think that all people will come to know this, believe this and practice this new form of living with Life, unfortunately this is will not be true, yet. This has to do with free will and balance in consciousness at least up until the big turn is here.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, within the books known as the Torah, mathematicians and scientists discovered a coding system that has led to some startling revelations, predictions and foretelling of both past and future events on planet earth. For thousands of years there has been one golden and sacred guideline that accompanied the reproduction of the Torah; Never to change one letter, one spacing or one anything. We have now found out why. All major events that have taken place on Earth and even the less globally impactful events are to be found in the Torah, with time or dates encoded along with it. From the bomb of Hiroshima to discovery of new planets all events are encoded within the matrix called: the Bible Code, in fact everything significant that ever happened since the creation of the Torah seems to be encoded within this matrix of Hebrew coding.

What we'd like to point out in reference to the Bible code is that all events relating to the Holy Wars, the destruction of Jerusalem, the killing of millions of people, the assassination of presidents leading again to wars, the dying of millions of people because of global flu pandemics, even nuclear wars, destruction of sacred cities on earth and the start of the 3rd and final World War killing off all life have all not been fulfilled. Now you might think, 'so than this Bible Code is a fake, or at least not accurate', good observation, but if you study this work you will soon understand that we as a collective humanity have changed our destiny, we have jumped potential Time-lines and created a different outcome. Not just once or twice but we have been shifting and rearranging our collective outcome with great effect since the late 90's. We are on a ramping rage to continue to constantly change the future outcome of our collective reality and you are part of this! This is where your dreams go into.

This is what Para PachaMama is about. This is one of the purposes of our template. It allows people to make adjustments in the amount of energy they put out one way or the other. With a focus of cushioning the Shift for the ones that are still sedated or intoxicated with a dream of separateness and or fear, we feel we carry a great potential and responsibility for collective change. If you change your mind that changes outcome. If we change our minds together we change the world. Once enough people have changed their minds and our world has finally changed in the way we relate to Life, we can become one with our Earth.

This is the direction for 2011. Awakening of the 100th Monkey, the Birth of a New Humanity.

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VIDEO: The Birth Of A New Humanity. By Drunvalo Melchizedek (Dutch Subtitles)