Friday, June 17, 2011

"All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer"

Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth is calling on all hearts, minds, Spirits and Souls to join Chief Arvol Looking Horse and the Gathering Tribe of people who are coming together to anchor and make physical the intentional prayers for peace in Bdote, Mineapolis, USA. This Gathering is fulfilling a prophecy deeply rooted within the First Peoples journey upon Turtle Island.

We deeply thank Chief Arvol Looking Horse for making the announcement and calling for people from ALL over the world to join in Peaceful prayer during the days of the 18-21st of June 2011.

We know we are late with announcing this message, but we would like to ask you to join in Spirit, support, bring to life, share further, donate and participate in WORLD WIDE PEACE & PRAYER DAY asked for by Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

This Global Gathering for Peace and Unity is called for to restore imbalance between and within our worlds. We ask you to join us in heart, in spirit, in prayers that our your language, your faith. Let us all pray for the peace, the harmony and healing that our world needs so dearly at this moment.

"All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer" is respecting each others' traditions, culture and religions.

Thank you for holding your light and joining from your heart. Just simply sending our thoughts and feelings out to this Gathering is what we can do to enhance and strengthen the ceremonies and prayers there.

There is one Creator and one Mother earth that we all share.
We have gone all over the world once a year to pray with other faith communities and Indigenous Nations at their Sacred Sites.  We have traveled to the United Nations to talk about the environment and prophecies.
As First Nations we have committed ourselves to maintaining our sacred way of life. We ask all Faiths to join us in a great Healing on June 21st in a Sacred Hoop of Life where there is no ending and no beginning!

Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations) - Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Largest Group Gathering + Sacred Crystal Ceremony

Be with us in Spirit. We are about to anchor the New Grid Consciously onto the Land, through group synergy and Sacred Ceremony in Cairns, Australia.

Dear Pachamama member,

We had shared with you that our sister site ( is going to launch an extension of the, on the ground, relief fundraiser campaign for Japan that we have been holding in Australia. We have learned that intentional prayer in large groups is attainable globally, but raising funds to support actual Peace Projects for Japan have been challenging.

We do want to thank those of you who have indeed financially contributed to this important cause we are working so hard for. Deep gratitude from Masaru Emoto for all global support as expressed in his personal letter.

REGROUP GATHERING - A Movement in the Making - A Movement Awakening.

Para Pachamama has launched as the new template and sister website to assist in building more empathy, collaboration, reconnecting of the more 'mainstream world'. It is indeed a challenging world to engage in, but we also understand that this is where the hard yards need to be made. If we can create a festival that will gather people for mainstream reasons, but is totally intentional and orientated to create unity amongst all different groups and networks, then we are creating a template that will serve positive change, which is needed so deeply.

What will make this gathering special is that Para Pachamama as co organizer can infuse and facilitate the holding of Sacred Circle and Ceremony prior to the opening of this day. This will connect our hearts intentions and anchor this expression of unity and love onto the Land. Our deep understandings of these times and the Shifts that are unfolding, as well as our role as lightworkers and Earth Stewards will be shared with the largest ceremonial gathering group that we have gathered so far.

We hope you will be with us in Spirit as we will anchor the New Grid of Consciousness onto the Land, creating another light portal that will facilitate what we call " Cushioning the Shift"

Regroup Movement has the vision to go Global and the kickoff for this to happen is on Saturday the 4th, beautifully coinciding with world wide free hugs day.

As member of our Global Community Network we hope that you will support our efforts and energy to make this event and fund raising a vision come true, we are bound to raise money that far exceeds anyone's expectations and all you need to do is share the word with your world. Together can create momentum again and again. All donations will still be collected through our sister website

Visit the local events page on Facebook:
 or share your spirit energy on the Pachamama Facebook event for this event:

 In love and service to our beautiful planet and the Ancient Ones that serve and know her so well.


Sjoerd Aardema