Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Global Meditation - We need your support - Elders Gathering Australia

We call on you now during the last week leading us into the Global Elders Gathering for support, assistance, participation and co dreaming in your heart. We come to you at this time with a unique opportunity to share how meaningful and purposeful this Sacred Elder Gathering will be. This Gathering was foretold by the Ancestors and it is destined to bring down back to the Earth the Sacred Fire from the Sun, a renewal of the Sacred Light Energies, to activate the Land, spread across the Nation and ignite the Earth's Fire. An Ancient Story kept safe and Sacred for thousands and thousands of year to be brought to completion now, for the whole of the Earth and all its People. We thank you so much for spreading this Message Stick and igniting the flames to become ready to partake in a Global Activation meditation.

We have been asked to share with you in detail the start of the dreaming of the Ancestors for this time, as we now arrive in at the last Total Solar Eclipse of 2012. We are also calling on you to support the Elders beyond participation in the coming Global Meditation. We thank you for recognizing the significance that this Gathering holds for our Global Awakening process. Together we stand. Thank you for your support: http://www.globaleldergatherings.org/support.html

During the Solar Eclipse Global Elder gathering held in Yarrabah, Australia, a Sacred and Ancient Ceremony will be performed to bring back the Sacred Fire from the Sun, to be brought back unto the Land for the Earth and all her people.

Anew, untainted, pure, purposeful and an intricate, essential aspect of the Global Journey in our collective ascension and heart Awakening process. This Fire is brought back unto the Earth to ignite and renew our flames, with a Sacred Spirit Fire that is brought down to assist all of Humanity as we go through intensifying time compression of the Great Shift of the Ages.

Watch the invitation video for support: http://www.globaleldergatherings.org/the-calling.html


We call on you again, to be present at heart and spirit to amplify and help carry this fire through our hearts across the whole Earth. Together, Connected we can assist in this Global Activation This is about us all bringing into Being the New Earth Together. One Heart, One Dream, One People, One Earth

TIME AND DATE of Global Meditation:

Start: Wednesday 6:00AM - 7:00 AM EST UTC+10 hours in CAIRNS AUSTRALIA

--With Ceremonial Eclipse and Activation at 6:40 AM--

Ensure your synchronized meditation by converting the above time at:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Details of the Ceremony, the suggested meditation and the purpose of the Lemurian Seed Quartz chrystals used in this ceremony is to be shared through the Resonance List


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Australian Elder Gathering -The Calling

On the Day Out of Time we reach out to the world and ask you to help us spread The Calling. Thank you for contacting your local and or Global Elder connections, inform them, share with them this Calling:

Dear One,

From the Land of Yarrabah in Far North Queensland, Australia, we share with you the calling to be part of the Elders Gathering that will be held from the 10th - 15th November 2012. Coinciding with the total solar eclipse on November 14th 2012, we are honoured to help facilitate a 5 day Gathering for Elders, Cultural Leaders, Youth, NGO’s and community workers to come together and share their vision for a new future.

Western culture is currently facing a time where it needs guidance from the Indigenous peoples of this earth. The younger generations need guidance. We have global problems that are affecting our lives and that of the planet. People are ready to listen. It is time to unite the intellect of the mind and the wisdom of the heart. The Land is calling us all.

The Indigenous people of Australia have an integral part to play. We have one of the oldest cultures on earth. This is an opportunity for Indigenous Culture and the unbroken connection to the Land to be acknowledged, appreciated and learned from.

This will be a time to honour and respect the ancestors and elders that have kept the culture alive, present in our young ones and active in our hearts and lives.

The Solar Eclipse is a moment in time to focus our intentions, share our hearts’ visions, and bring forth the dances, songs and storylines that allow us to bring into being the vision of a New Earth.

We were deeply moved to discover that an Ancient Storyline belonging to Yarrabah Land links directly to the total Solar Eclipse happening this year on November the 14th;

“Nganjal (sister sun) had the brightest light. Gindan (sister moon) had no light when she rose every night. One morning, Gindan came up and moved in front of Nganjal (sun) and said ‘Sister, give me some light so I can shine for the people that are going to come from the east.’ From that day on there was always light. This eclipse is very significant for us because we are going to share this happening again; we can see it.. Gidan will come in front of Ngangal to bring the light.” Binyarabi - Yarrabah elder.

It is therefore, on behalf of the Land, the Custodians, Storykeepers, Traditional Owners, Elders and Youth of Yarrabah, we are Calling you, as Elders, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Wisdom Keepers, Cultural Leaders, NGO’s, Community Workers, to be part of the Global Elders Gathering in Yarrabah, Australia.

For more information please visit the website www.globaleldersgathering.com
We thank you for seeing the value and significance in sharing, promoting and supporting this Gathering in which we hope to dream a new strong vision into being.

We thank you also for reaching out and sharing this This Calling with those Youth Leaders, Elders, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, First Nation representatives and Wisdom Keepers you know will resonate with this.

As the event is free/non-profit – it is by invitation only.
If you, or someone you know would like to be a part of the gathering - Please fill in the online The Calling RSVP Form or contact
Meleuka Morton-Masterman | +61 415 513 855 | meleuka@ref.org.au

Numbers are limited so please RSVP soon. You will then be contacted and sent an invitation.

In honour and service to this Gathering,

Sjoerd Aardema
Co - Founder and Director
Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Heartstorm with us -Kogi Gathering Sedona Urgent update.

Through the Resonance list of www.parapachamama.org we have been sharing with our community and networks the significance and importance of the Kogi Mamos traveling to Sedona Arizona to share the message, their medicine and the wisdom on June the 22nd - 24th.

We ask you to heartstorm with us after reading the following and particularly being with the Dawn of a New Time team and the Kogi that have together put so much energy and love into bringing this gathering into being.

"We ask for you to take the time to read the following letter, reflect on it, and then search your hearts for the answer you have been looking for and to have the opportunity to decide whether to be a little patient and share this beauty-full journey with us in anticipation of standing in the light of holding space for the Mamos to be granted their visas to be here with us.

Dear Friends,

There are times in which life tests us, in which we must surrender, letting go of our pride, our prejudices, our fears, our doubts, all that does not allow us to connect with a higher purpose, often unknown, but from which we are all part of.

It is in those moments when everything seems to be against us or against our dreams in which we must trust that whatever happens will be for the greater good of all.

When we made the difficult decision to postpone the Dawn of a New Time Gathering in Sedona, we did it thinking and feeling it was the fairest and more honest decision with everyone who trusted us and felt in their hearts to be part of this beautiful gathering. This decision was made given the uncertainty to accomplish the visas of the Mamos on time and wanting you to be aware of what was happening.

At this point we want to announce that today we received a call from Colombia in which we were confirmed that the Mamos visas application forms are in the American Embassy and they are in the process of issuing the visas.

The visas have not been approved yet but according to information from the embassy by next Friday June 15th they will give us final confirmation, we have been asked to notify the Mamos to come down from the Sierra Nevada and travel to Bogota this weekend.

We are asking all people who want to be part of the Dawn of this New Time to align ourselves with the purpose of the Kogi and Arhuaco Mamos traveling to share their ancient wisdom and visualize them with us in Sedona.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience these changes may cause and appreciate your understanding and love. We are continuing to offer you a choice of a refund, or a chance to wait a little longer before you make up your minds as to whether you will join us in Sedona for the Dawn of a New Time.


The Dawn of a New Time Team

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lightning of the Lights Ceremony - Venus Transit

Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth has been asked to support, join and give more light the Watersongline on June 5th - 6th. It's in the Nature of our work that we broadcast this calling further reaching as many as we can and we thank you in advance for taking extra time to invite and make aware as many people as you can about this Global Unified Calling:

We invite ALL WISDOM KEEPERS AND ALL AROUND THE WORLD to this historic event where we launch the beginning of the WaterSongline, and when we as a planet renew the pact we have with the Mother Waters and Earth, and ignite some powerful healing for the world. We do this through one of the most ancient ceremonies of propitiation to the universal Mother Water’s and Earth – The Lighting of the Lights Ceremony.

This ceremony is held in various formats from Africa all the way to India. This will be the first time the ceremony will be done by cultures from all over the world unifying their energies together. This promises to be a powerful moment.

We have timed the ceremony with the famous Venus Transit which happens only once every 150 years. The transit marks the coming in of the cosmic feminine energy of love, compassion, cooperation, and earth renewal. Astrology tells us it is important for all to pray at this time. The ceremony falls on the date of World Environmental Day and two days latter is World Ocean Day. How auspicious! We honor both these days, as well.

The Lighting of the Lights Ceremony is a collaborative effort between the Humanity4Water Campaign & Awards, the Center of Sacred Studies and The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

16 International Wisdom Keepers (which includes representatives from the International Council of 13 Grandmothers) will light 16 sacred fires and hold ceremonies from their personal locations. The representations of these 16 sacred fires will be lit around the sacred calabash of the Mother Waters and Earth that contains potent ashe (power) for the world’s healing. This is the first time this sacred calabash has been brought out publicly. Wisdom Keepers from all over the world and those who want to join the call to prayer will also be lighting sacred fires and holding ceremonies.

Visit: http://watersongline.com/

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


URGENT APPEAL TO THE WORLD (Sign petition here)
Sunday 12th March, all the inhabitants from one of the oldest Ecovillages of Colombia were at a meeting in Bahia de Taganga, near the Tairona Park, at The foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast, when Word arrived from the mountains, that all their houses had been burned down to The ground by th e FARC (Frente Armado Revolucionario de Colombia), the largest guerrilla force in the country.

Thirty years ago, a group of people from different cities and regions of Colombia and from other countries as well, decided to drop out and move to the high Sierras, to create an alternative life style, and to learn from the Mamos, the shamans and elders from the Kogi Nation. They began building their houses, raising their children, growing their food, doing crafts, learning from the local indigenous people, teaching what they knew, developing a sustainable and spiritual environment, and becoming a new emerging tribe that came to be know as the Hippie/Kogis.

The Kogi, one of the largest and best preserved indigenous communities in Colombia, together with the Arahuacos and the Arzarios, have lived in that part of the Sierra Nevada for centuries, maybe thousands of years, having very little contact with the outside world, preserving their culture, language, environment, forms of government and especially their religion.

“From the Heart of the World: a message from the Kogi to their younger brothers”.
Today, word came to us that the Kogi are not allowed to leave their villages, they are confined to the Sierra and are kept as hostages by the FARC. The Hippie/Kogis are a historical blend of cultures, trying to live the best of both worlds, and three generations of them, have given a very special flavor to the whole area. They have formed an international community, which includes Colombians, Argentineans, Danes and French families. This original community is now part of the emerging Red de Ecoaldeas de Colombia (Colombian Ecovillages Network), which was born this winter at a First Bioregional Gathering, held in the department of Antioquia and hosted and coordinated by La Caravana Arcoiris para la Paz.
Unfortunately, in the last months, the Sierra, which had for years been under the control of the FARC, now has become a battleground between them and the Paramilitary forces, both trying to hold that strategic road that communicates Colombia with the Venezuelan border. And the access to the sea. Last Sunday, the Hippie/Yogis joined the other 2,000,000 Colombian desplazados, farmers, fishermen, indigenous people all over the country that have had to leave their homes because of the war, and have become homeless, jobless, robbed of their spirit and a growing problem for the oversized cities.
We are therefore sending a national and international appeal to all Ecovillages Networks to let the world know about this situation, to contact them, show support for their cause and send your generous help in this moment of crisis. We thank you for signing this appeal here.The Caravan is helping set up today a center in the city of Medellin to collect clothes, bedding, food, money, medicines, household goods, anything that can alleviate the more than 30 families and their children.
Contact: 928-300-8740

Kogi We have been asked to share with you the Appeal of the Kogi Mamos, Ancient Wisdom Keepers and Custodians of Pachamama.

For the indigenous peoples living in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; the Kogi, Wiwa, and Arhuaco Kankuamo, sustaining the balance of the spiritual and physical world is their sacred task. They are guardians of the earth and have managed to live in harmony with the planet for hundreds of years.

The Mamos (highly trained ritual priests) have felt that it is the time to teach and share, among different cultures, the spiritual knowledge that leads to a new consciousness. (Watch the Kogi here)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Letters to the Earth

We are are calling on our leaders of the world to make Earth law. We believe that our Earth is sacred. We the people can end the era of ecocide by sending letters to our leaders to say that we want new laws to stop the destruction of our Earth.

When enough of us speak out on behalf of the Earth, our leaders will act.In June 2012 leaders of the world are meeting to hold an Earth Summit to decide the fate for us all. Our ask is for them to make Earth Law at the Earth Summit Earth law is law which places people and planet first.

Instead of destroying, we can restore. When we make ecocide a crime the destruction of the planet will stop.

Send your Love Letter, Pollinate the world of Networks

What a beautiful eloquent, positive and inspiring campaign this is. We hope you will spread the seeds of this campaign as far and as wide as you possibly can. "We believe that we need our supporters to be like bees, pollinating the idea of making Ecocide a crime far and wide. In today's highly-networked world, 6 degrees of separation is rapidly becoming four degrees of separation – and you probably know people through only one or two degrees of separation that can support our campaign. "

Click, Write, Send and share. Visit  http://www.lovelettertotheearth.com/ and write your Love Letter to the Earth, Send and then share and invite others to join your work.

Earth law is law which places people and planet above profit. The most important Earth law we need to put in place is an international crime of Ecocide -- to prevent mass destruction of the Earth. You can find out more about making Ecocide a crime at www.eradicatingecocide.com.