Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Letters to the Earth

We are are calling on our leaders of the world to make Earth law. We believe that our Earth is sacred. We the people can end the era of ecocide by sending letters to our leaders to say that we want new laws to stop the destruction of our Earth.

When enough of us speak out on behalf of the Earth, our leaders will act.In June 2012 leaders of the world are meeting to hold an Earth Summit to decide the fate for us all. Our ask is for them to make Earth Law at the Earth Summit Earth law is law which places people and planet first.

Instead of destroying, we can restore. When we make ecocide a crime the destruction of the planet will stop.

Send your Love Letter, Pollinate the world of Networks

What a beautiful eloquent, positive and inspiring campaign this is. We hope you will spread the seeds of this campaign as far and as wide as you possibly can. "We believe that we need our supporters to be like bees, pollinating the idea of making Ecocide a crime far and wide. In today's highly-networked world, 6 degrees of separation is rapidly becoming four degrees of separation – and you probably know people through only one or two degrees of separation that can support our campaign. "

Click, Write, Send and share. Visit and write your Love Letter to the Earth, Send and then share and invite others to join your work.

Earth law is law which places people and planet above profit. The most important Earth law we need to put in place is an international crime of Ecocide -- to prevent mass destruction of the Earth. You can find out more about making Ecocide a crime at

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