Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lightning of the Lights Ceremony - Venus Transit

Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth has been asked to support, join and give more light the Watersongline on June 5th - 6th. It's in the Nature of our work that we broadcast this calling further reaching as many as we can and we thank you in advance for taking extra time to invite and make aware as many people as you can about this Global Unified Calling:

We invite ALL WISDOM KEEPERS AND ALL AROUND THE WORLD to this historic event where we launch the beginning of the WaterSongline, and when we as a planet renew the pact we have with the Mother Waters and Earth, and ignite some powerful healing for the world. We do this through one of the most ancient ceremonies of propitiation to the universal Mother Water’s and Earth – The Lighting of the Lights Ceremony.

This ceremony is held in various formats from Africa all the way to India. This will be the first time the ceremony will be done by cultures from all over the world unifying their energies together. This promises to be a powerful moment.

We have timed the ceremony with the famous Venus Transit which happens only once every 150 years. The transit marks the coming in of the cosmic feminine energy of love, compassion, cooperation, and earth renewal. Astrology tells us it is important for all to pray at this time. The ceremony falls on the date of World Environmental Day and two days latter is World Ocean Day. How auspicious! We honor both these days, as well.

The Lighting of the Lights Ceremony is a collaborative effort between the Humanity4Water Campaign & Awards, the Center of Sacred Studies and The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

16 International Wisdom Keepers (which includes representatives from the International Council of 13 Grandmothers) will light 16 sacred fires and hold ceremonies from their personal locations. The representations of these 16 sacred fires will be lit around the sacred calabash of the Mother Waters and Earth that contains potent ashe (power) for the world’s healing. This is the first time this sacred calabash has been brought out publicly. Wisdom Keepers from all over the world and those who want to join the call to prayer will also be lighting sacred fires and holding ceremonies.

Visit: http://watersongline.com/