Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Global Meditation - We need your support - Elders Gathering Australia

We call on you now during the last week leading us into the Global Elders Gathering for support, assistance, participation and co dreaming in your heart. We come to you at this time with a unique opportunity to share how meaningful and purposeful this Sacred Elder Gathering will be. This Gathering was foretold by the Ancestors and it is destined to bring down back to the Earth the Sacred Fire from the Sun, a renewal of the Sacred Light Energies, to activate the Land, spread across the Nation and ignite the Earth's Fire. An Ancient Story kept safe and Sacred for thousands and thousands of year to be brought to completion now, for the whole of the Earth and all its People. We thank you so much for spreading this Message Stick and igniting the flames to become ready to partake in a Global Activation meditation.

We have been asked to share with you in detail the start of the dreaming of the Ancestors for this time, as we now arrive in at the last Total Solar Eclipse of 2012. We are also calling on you to support the Elders beyond participation in the coming Global Meditation. We thank you for recognizing the significance that this Gathering holds for our Global Awakening process. Together we stand. Thank you for your support: http://www.globaleldergatherings.org/support.html

During the Solar Eclipse Global Elder gathering held in Yarrabah, Australia, a Sacred and Ancient Ceremony will be performed to bring back the Sacred Fire from the Sun, to be brought back unto the Land for the Earth and all her people.

Anew, untainted, pure, purposeful and an intricate, essential aspect of the Global Journey in our collective ascension and heart Awakening process. This Fire is brought back unto the Earth to ignite and renew our flames, with a Sacred Spirit Fire that is brought down to assist all of Humanity as we go through intensifying time compression of the Great Shift of the Ages.

Watch the invitation video for support: http://www.globaleldergatherings.org/the-calling.html


We call on you again, to be present at heart and spirit to amplify and help carry this fire through our hearts across the whole Earth. Together, Connected we can assist in this Global Activation This is about us all bringing into Being the New Earth Together. One Heart, One Dream, One People, One Earth

TIME AND DATE of Global Meditation:

Start: Wednesday 6:00AM - 7:00 AM EST UTC+10 hours in CAIRNS AUSTRALIA

--With Ceremonial Eclipse and Activation at 6:40 AM--

Ensure your synchronized meditation by converting the above time at:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Details of the Ceremony, the suggested meditation and the purpose of the Lemurian Seed Quartz chrystals used in this ceremony is to be shared through the Resonance List