Thursday, June 14, 2012

Heartstorm with us -Kogi Gathering Sedona Urgent update.

Through the Resonance list of we have been sharing with our community and networks the significance and importance of the Kogi Mamos traveling to Sedona Arizona to share the message, their medicine and the wisdom on June the 22nd - 24th.

We ask you to heartstorm with us after reading the following and particularly being with the Dawn of a New Time team and the Kogi that have together put so much energy and love into bringing this gathering into being.

"We ask for you to take the time to read the following letter, reflect on it, and then search your hearts for the answer you have been looking for and to have the opportunity to decide whether to be a little patient and share this beauty-full journey with us in anticipation of standing in the light of holding space for the Mamos to be granted their visas to be here with us.

Dear Friends,

There are times in which life tests us, in which we must surrender, letting go of our pride, our prejudices, our fears, our doubts, all that does not allow us to connect with a higher purpose, often unknown, but from which we are all part of.

It is in those moments when everything seems to be against us or against our dreams in which we must trust that whatever happens will be for the greater good of all.

When we made the difficult decision to postpone the Dawn of a New Time Gathering in Sedona, we did it thinking and feeling it was the fairest and more honest decision with everyone who trusted us and felt in their hearts to be part of this beautiful gathering. This decision was made given the uncertainty to accomplish the visas of the Mamos on time and wanting you to be aware of what was happening.

At this point we want to announce that today we received a call from Colombia in which we were confirmed that the Mamos visas application forms are in the American Embassy and they are in the process of issuing the visas.

The visas have not been approved yet but according to information from the embassy by next Friday June 15th they will give us final confirmation, we have been asked to notify the Mamos to come down from the Sierra Nevada and travel to Bogota this weekend.

We are asking all people who want to be part of the Dawn of this New Time to align ourselves with the purpose of the Kogi and Arhuaco Mamos traveling to share their ancient wisdom and visualize them with us in Sedona.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience these changes may cause and appreciate your understanding and love. We are continuing to offer you a choice of a refund, or a chance to wait a little longer before you make up your minds as to whether you will join us in Sedona for the Dawn of a New Time.


The Dawn of a New Time Team