Monday, November 18, 2013

Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals used in Ancient Ceremony

 This Sacred Fire has not been brought onto the Land for thousands and thousands of years. it is here to Renew our contracts, burn away the shadow past and bring into Being the New Earth as a Living Expressed and visible, experiential Consciousness.

 Returning this Sacred Fire onto the Earth allows everyone to fully journey through the sacred alchemical process of spiritual transmutation. Sacred Fire is required to Burn away the impurities and remnants of past structures of duality, mind based consciousness. This ceremony brought back the Sacred Fire from the Sun to ignite Globally and collectively the Illuminated Heart based Consciousness of the New Earth.

 One of the Oldest Indigenous Cultures alive on Earth today are the Aboriginal People of the Land of the Red Soil and Heart Chakra of the Earth - the Red Rock, Uluru . They are connected in deep and Ancient Ways to many, many Nations, Cultures and Peoples. Their Ancestry is grand, far reaching and ancient. Their Land and continent is part of the Ancient Lemurian Continent.

 As we know the First Peoples of this land live, dream and breathe from a different consciousness form, their genetic make up is different, the way they know reality is different to ours. They live in a consciousness that knows reality as 'Dreamtime', their Crystalline Consciousness Grid has a unique and different sacred geometrical form as it stems from before the time of Atlantis. It's based on a Unity Consciousness, part of the Lemurian Original Consciousness Grid.

 Bringing back the Sacred Fire from the sun during the ceremony was in conjunction with the presence of Ancient Lemurian seed crystals that have made their presence known to us here during this time. The crystals are here to be the Active Storage containers of this Sacred Fire. As part of the remembering process of our Unity and Oneness as People of Eartg these Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals available to all who feel called to connect with them. These Crystals are spreading themselves around the Globe and find homes to assist the Lemurian Awakening; Remembering the Truth of who we are, opening our hearts and allow Unity Consciousness to be expressed and lived as we collectively Bring Into Being the New Earth.

At present these Crystals are not for sale as they wish to be obtained in person or will be gifted to you.
The main collective of these Crystals are stored in Far North Queensland, get in touch if you are drawn to come in contact with them.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Your Region Rising: Calling you to vision: Activate your region

Activating Hearts of Regional Districts of Earth - envision gathering the people to activate and make truly Rise your region - it's part of the activation we are called to do - its part of bringing into being the New Earth as an Experiential tangible reality.
Blessings & Love.

If you are called please explore what a Collective for your Region could bring into being, its time to network the networks and take it to the next level - bring into being.

“As we stood barefoot on the earth in City Place on that Anzac Day Full Moon, we in that circle did indeed feel the beating heart of Cairns. With the sacred sounds of connection, these words also fell from my mouth...'The Heart is Rising, The Heart is Rising, The Heart is Rising....The Heart is Beating, The Heart is Beating, The Heart is Beating...Listen to me, I am Here".
When Sjoerd was given the vision and message from that Beating Heart, to bring 500 Human Hearts to this place, it felt felt perfect. I see this already, I feel it, I see us there. We can do this...we will do this....500 hearts beating as one in unison with the sacred heart of Cairns.”

The name of the City, the day, the location can be your City, your choice of day, your location.. If you follow this vision you will see that in FNQ we embarked on forming a New Collective of like hearted healers, facilitators, practitioners and lightworkers to give expression to the Regions Rising up and bringing into being a Next level of expression which results into people experiencing that "it is happening!, right here where we live." - the results and flow form forward can only be inspiring and fostering the New Earth to come into being more.

Read more on our Regional Rising work that can be replicated any where on Earth

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vision for the New Earth: Prt 1 the New Questions - Experiential and profound

Welcome to Para Pachamama's vision for the New Earth, one anchored in the manifested realm and one replicable anywhere on Earth, by anyone and everyone. Our organization has been deeply involved in the Global Awakening process, for several years co organized numerous Global Activation Events, Full Moon New Earth Grid Tunings, shared in depth teachings of "the Shift" and our collective journey back into our Hearts , while being bound and honoured assisting the Ancient Wisdom Keepers and Cultures of our time to bring us "clarity of sight" during these changing and challenging times. 

We deeply believe and are wholy inspired to bring to you an understanding, a vision that speaks deeply and profoundly of the ways by which we can truly "step into" and thus "experience" living in this New Earth Consciousness, making the dream that we all carried all our lives an experiential reality. It's a way for everyone to bring into being a New Way of being on this Earth. It is by means of creating new spaces, a new sense of meeting places. We call them New Earth Sanctuaries, they are a New Way to experiencing a New Earth.

One day we will open our eyes and all see the Earth as New, right now focus on creating Sanctuaries of  to foster and kindle on the Awakening into the sense of Oneness.

2013 there is an Elephant in the room of our own Spiritual Awakeness
We feel the time is ripe and ready now to share with those called to hear these words that it is time to take it to the next level. Yes, a fairly updated term one might say, yet never the less of great importance at this time. It is now mid 2013 and we are starting to see a sense of spinning in circles taking place to which is no harm and yet what are we all truly here for?  There is an elephant in the room and despite our awakeness we are not seeing that its sitting here representing exactly what an elephant in a room represents: not seeing it. If we can't see it, because we don't know it, we can't address what ever "block" this elephant represents.
Perhaps coming out, up, over and finally through the whole 2012 phenomena we all are left a bit dazed? A little disorientated after that long intense and rough oceanic ride through one of the most turbulent time waves of our lives? The journey that somehow was supposed to plummet us all through the "Great Shift", release us into "Unity Consciousness" and spiral us into "Ascenscion" has left us a bit puzzled as we've only barely made it to shore.

Most of us landed, got smacked or simply exhaustedly got washed up onto the beach after we all came out of this Epic surfing of the 2012 Wave Storm. So turbulent have all the years leading up to 2012 been, washing up onto the shores of 2013 has been a bit "hazy" awakening. A new, strange, different, sense of "We made it.." has come about, yet no sense of victory is among any of us. Why is that? Wasn't 2012 all about Manifesting the New World? What happened?

For most people on Earth today, aware and recogniscant of the above story, a New Question is rising. Not really new, yet, very new, raw, empty, searching and deep questioning from a new sense of place, a different sense of space. The question is actually really simple, as all truth is simple, yet, as mentioned this is probably one of the more profound questions we have had the opportunity to ask ourselves these last few lives, years, months, days.

Arrived on the shores of 2013 - "AND NOW WHAT?!" 

If one truly understood the profound implications that New Questions cause in the creational realm of consciousness we would most likely meditate deeply, sit silently and allow Mother Earth, on who's shores we have just landed, to guide us, to instruct us, to tell us about the "and Now What".
- If we do not feel we have that direct relationship with our Mother then we may seek Council from her Guardians, the Ancient Wisdom Keepers of Earth Based Cultural Wisdom Traditions, their Teachings are timeless, their meaning will find renewed insight and profound calling of truth.

So, You have arrived, now what are you going to do?

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