Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Your Region Rising: Calling you to vision: Activate your region

Activating Hearts of Regional Districts of Earth - envision gathering the people to activate and make truly Rise your region - it's part of the activation we are called to do - its part of bringing into being the New Earth as an Experiential tangible reality. https://www.facebook.com/OurRegionRising
Blessings & Love.

If you are called please explore what a Collective for your Region could bring into being, its time to network the networks and take it to the next level - bring into being.

“As we stood barefoot on the earth in City Place on that Anzac Day Full Moon, we in that circle did indeed feel the beating heart of Cairns. With the sacred sounds of connection, these words also fell from my mouth...'The Heart is Rising, The Heart is Rising, The Heart is Rising....The Heart is Beating, The Heart is Beating, The Heart is Beating...Listen to me, I am Here".
When Sjoerd was given the vision and message from that Beating Heart, to bring 500 Human Hearts to this place, it felt right...it felt perfect. I see this already, I feel it, I see us there. We can do this...we will do this....500 hearts beating as one in unison with the sacred heart of Cairns.”

The name of the City, the day, the location can be your City, your choice of day, your location.. If you follow this vision you will see that in FNQ we embarked on forming a New Collective of like hearted healers, facilitators, practitioners and lightworkers to give expression to the Regions Rising up and bringing into being a Next level of expression which results into people experiencing that "it is happening!, right here where we live." - the results and flow form forward can only be inspiring and fostering the New Earth to come into being more.

Read more on our Regional Rising work that can be replicated any where on Earth

this is a Global Intentions for Earth vision - called for by Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth a never for profit initiative for Earth:

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