Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Water Droplet in suspension Between Father Sky and Mother Earth

Dearest people,

Before we launch our Global Water Ceremony Calling called "Meeting Water for the First Time", we would like to make you all and those around you aware of the backdrop of the Journey that has lead us to a place where we ask you to simply be with Water as the most profound way you could hold ceremony with Water where you are during the days of 15-18th October.

Months ago when we started this Journey for the Nation of Waitaha we were brought into awareness of some highly potent and general mindset boggling realisations.

This Global Water Gathering and the Ceremonies that are to take place have the potential to bring about, bring forth, allow to emerge some of the greatest miracles we have come to know and see as a global community of hubeings.

We learned that if we walked carefully and followed all these links, steps and watery ways we would come to a place where we collectively can overwrite the radio active imprinting that is taking place in the Japanese Waters and wider greater Pacific Ocean.

We share with you what we kept quiet for all these months but have known all along.

We apologise for not sharing this sooner but only now that we have seen and felt the step beyond this original vision we feel supported and peaceful to send this out into the world.


With care, not separated and thus a part of this complete email message we hope you will be able to feel into this Global Water Ceremony and its potential and potency.

What we did not know at all at the time of the creation of that video is that we have the Largest ever Japanese contingent as part of Waitaha Japan coming to this Water Gathering.

From a previous public mail out:

"We are eternally grateful to the Peoples of Japan for hearing the significance and feeling the need to bring their Presence to this Gathering to re affirm Ancient Relations, to re assure and restore aspects of the Greater Dreaming that they have kept safe and sacred within their Walk of Life through the many Ages. And to simply be, gentle presence of Peace. Kia Ora.

For the first time ever 13th Generation Shugendo Master, Mountain Priest Fimihiro Hoshino will travel outside of Japan to bring the Sacred work, Teachings and Ceremonial practices of Shugendo to Aotearoa, New Zealand. This action on behalf of his People, Ancestors and Lineage anchors the profound nature of the Water Gathering. It overjoys our hearts and it affirms so much of what we have always known."

Master Hoshino will on the morning of the 15th at Sunrise open the Window of the Water time Keeping with a Sacred Fire and Water Ceremony and will be with us for the full 8,5 Days of the Full Journey. Watch a beautiful Video of Master Hoshino here:www.waitahawatergathering.com/guest-speakers.html

We may simply say:
If you know more about the Journey back into the World of Light that the Waitaha are walking as a Nation then you would know that the uniqueness of this Gathering defies definition entirely.

And yet the vision has grown further and goes deeper into Being.

When in Holland the Country that has a very unique relationship with Water in many very real ways, we received a vision of Water that we could have NEVER thought up ourselves, when we shared this back in Aotearoa with the Waitaha it made links to the Water Droplet in tear form that is in suspension between heaven and earth.

In the country of Water and the Water People of Holland we were shown this mysterious Water Droplet, liquid light, blue, golden, water, essence, a round droplet in between the metaphysical and the physical. We were asked to observe it, to conceive of its existence, to become in awareness that there is this water droplet that has the pure, original presence, essence and all being mysterious nature of Water fully activated and radiating within and of itself.

One simple, small droplet of Water.

We were not asked to bless it, intend into it, heal it or change it, we were asked to see it for what it was, we were brought into the place within ourselves where we were just in child like awe of the beauty, radiance and All Life giving energy that was present in this one small but interconnected droplet of Water.

We inceived awareness beyond words, we received into our whole being knowing of Water that defy definition and at the same time we received absolutely nothing from this Water droplet.

We were truly asked to bear witness that in Creation although quietly kept veiled all these eons, exists Water that has the original omnipresent, Divine, Life Giving presence, blue print and promise within itself. Unchanged. Ever pure, ever radiant and potent while so subtle, gentle and mesmerising.

Mesmerising the whole experience was. We were conceiving of an existence of Water that has never been changed, touched or altered. And in this one droplet laid the Waters of the Whole Universe, this one droplet contained all memory, all life. It felt as if this one droplet without any effort could restore all water everywhere to the purity of consciousness expressed in liquid form that it originally has been.

It felt as we witnessed this one magical water droplet, suspended in mid air between sky and earth, as if there is the possibility to restore to original template or blue print of all water simply by it releasing itself back into the ocean of water that it also is.

It felt as if creation itself has kept this one droplet in suspension to safeguard the eternal pure memory going back to the first arrival of water in the universe and yet none of these thoughts were had consciously as we were observing and asked to conceive this simple round little shining ball of liquid light.

We know that the Ancient world knows of what we speak in our long worded Western language, and we also know that they know what to do when the time is right and so the story for us continues as we look at coordinating with other global networks a Global Water Ceremony during the Waitaha Water Gathering in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We are giving you the full download as it is now. There is more to be added we feel but this will come in a last message to you all.

ABOVE ALL and everything and this is what Para Pachamama has always been about is that this is about you and your relationship with Water, with Earth, with your cells.

This is about embodiment, about you living your birthrights to ceremony, connection consciously to all life and us as a network inspiring you to DO THIS.

Go on now, share this with those you know who care and get it.

We have little time to get this out and polishing this up to fit the mainstream spiritual minds we are giving a miss.

We Love you for being You.

Soon we will launch the Fb Event and hope you will recreate and distribute what you feel good with. We know its out there but we never intended to stay inside the box. we intended to get rid of it so we can embody without boxes or barriers who we truly came here to be. Hubeings comprehending their cells as they fully comprehend themselves.

As we start to live more and more in the now now, having a full experience of the Full Reality through our being and not just our mind or heart we will see that we have for long lived according man made fantasies that we practiced as if they were reality without comprehending them. There is indeed a knowing rising within our Global Community of people on Earth that will spread like wild fire and in the now now that feels endorphinating to our cells!

This is the final calling from our organisation to invite you to support and bring your energy to this Gathering on Water. Please for those able to donate click here you are enabling the Waitaha to walk this Gathering for all Water back into the world of Light. Your donation ensures and brings reassurance to the Ancient World that the modern world is supporting and also able to back these ever so important Sacred Journeys that they walk in pure trust and believe that people will hear their Calling.

Thank you for hearing that we still need your support to bring this Gathering to full Expression. The Journey has been long and we are almost there, and so please let the Waitaha know that they are supported.

Because the Nation of Waitaha has held on and protected despite the colonisation to its Wisdom, the Nation is richer in Ancient Wisdom and Knowing than we will have the ability to comprehend but today in the Western Mind based reality the Waitaha Nation is left behind and continuously challenged financially. We are still strongly seeking financial support to safely bring the Waitaha Grandmothers, Grandfathers and most important the Mokopunas to Waitangi on the North Island. Your direct support is making this possible. What you can spare will be showered back onto all with what the Waitaha are willing and for the first time in Herstory are able to Reveal.

Please know what is given. We thank you for your support. ~ Arohanui.

Kia Ora!


Haere Mai!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mataariki Pacific Prayer Circle - Waitaha Grandmother Makere Calling

June 28 2014
From the shores of 
Te Waka o ngaa Aatua
(South Island of New Zealand)
to Everywhere on Earth.

In the winter of 2003 Mareikura Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman 
Mareikura for the Nation of Waitaha and keeper of the Waitaha Books, was gifted a vision.

It was the weekend Iraq was to be invaded for the first time. Dr. Emoto’s prayers to heal water inspired her to ask the participants of the gathering she was attending, to pray for the children of Iraq. She could see Aotearoa/Waitangi ki Raro/New Zealand at the bottom of the Great Ocean of Kiwa, Te Moana nui a Kiwa, the Pacific Ocean pulsing with a white light as people went to the beaches to pray for Peace and Healing at the same time. She could see how powerful that would be.

She has shared this vision as she has travelled the world promoting Waitaha’s Message of Peace.
With the tragic events of Fukushima the time is now to bring the Pacific Prayer circle to life.
Imagine if people in all the countries that sit on the Pacific Rim went to the beaches to pray for Peace and Healing at the same time and with the same intention. Dr. Emoto reminds us that water is a conduit and humans are made up of water and if the prayer is from the heart and pure then the intention of that prayer goes instantaneously to where it is directed.

Guidance for timing was sought from spirit. Grandmother Turtle has selected the rising of Mataariki, the Pleiadian star constellation.

June 28th at sunrise is when Mataariki rises just before the Central Sun, Tamanuitera.

Mataariki highlights the beginning of the Waitaha/Maori Traditional New Year.

Imagine if people on the beaches of the Great Ocean of Kiwa/Pacific Ocean send their prayers out then. Papatuanuku, Mother Earth will be enveloped in the most loving wave of healing over 24 hours.

How potent, how powerful, how beautiful.

Be mindful of the intention, healing for Mother Earth, Peace and healing for all who dwell between the heavens and beloved Mother Earth, within, without, above, below, healing for all peoples who have suffered at the hands of others, healing for all our relations of the natural world who have suffered at the hands of us from the beginning of time.

This is about lifting the vibration of love, truth, aroha/compassion, respect, acceptance, safety, celebration, laughter and dreaming, on and on and on creating a beautiful world for our tamariki/all children who are born of the gods and goddesses and those beloved mokopuna/grandchildren to come. 

Imagine Peace. 

We invite you all where ever you are in this world to go to your beach, lake, spring, any waterway, even a bowl of water in your home, join us,
Sunrise on June 28th.

Let’s meet at the confluence of the waters where we will become as ONE in the Pacific Prayer Circle for Peace, healing and balance for our beloved Mother Earth and Sky Father and all who dwell between.

Imagine peace. 

Mareikura Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Chapman
Mareikura for the Nation of Waitaha

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"me & water"

Thank you  for sharing this message with your relations, we rely on eachother to give Rise to the emerging Gathering on Water.

Kia Ora, Tēna Koutou 
Thank You,Thank You & Thank You

From the hearts of our small organisation we thank all of you who have contacted us, have expressed interest in attending the Gathering, have spread the Calling and are willing to contribute Energy to ensure that this years Waitaha Water Gathering will come to full expression.

The responses and stories we received have been heart warming and we feel confident that with your support the Waitaha Water Gathering, a Global Wisdom on Water Gathering in Aotearoa will be held as Sacred and Complete as the Dreaming holds.

This email is our response to all of you who resonate with the calling from the Waitaha to honour and celebrate our Waters. A response to inform all those whom are drawn to attend and be a part of this Gathering of Wisdom on Water what the next steps are.

A response and call to action to you to engage now in preparation to this Global Water Gathering, whether you'll attend physically or will be with us in Spirit.

This is a response to all those hearts and minds that know that this years Gathering is unique, giving Rise to the Sacred Waters within us all.

Will you join us, will you share our calling?
Will you be the active Ambassador, Caretaker, Record Keeper, Custodian for YOUR Headwaters, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Seas and Springs?

Will you gather and collect your local, cultural, ancestral Stories and Wisdom from the people that hold the keys, that have kept the connection and stories alive?

Will you be ready to connect with others where you live and hold Ceremony with your Waters, in preparation for this Global Water Gathering.

We have been shown that this years' Gathering can be a Turning of the Tides as we see thousands upon thousands of people all over the World holding Ceremony with their Waters everywhere on Earth, together on the same Day. For healing, for forgiveness, for cleansing, for remembering.

Will you be present? Will you activate the circle of people around you?

We are launching the First Step; "Me & Water" in a process leading us to a Global Water Gathering and a Collective Global Water Ceremony.

We Hope you will join and take to heart what it is we wish to give rise to. In October we see a Global Wave of Water Ceremony everywhere on Earth.

Blessings, Oneness and Gratitude.

- Sjoerd Aardema, following director
     Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth 

This is a Calling from the Ancient Ones and those who remember today

With their Light we welcome you into the world of the Ancient Water Carriers











This Gathering is a -by-booking-only- event and our website will be the official location through which you can soon register and book. Bookings and registrations will openon the 21st of June coming.

Within the scope of the Gathering we aim to meet peoples' different accommodation needs, days you can or wish to attend and we aim to suit different budgets. From a private hotel room to a "self contained" attendance package, we strive to make this Gathering available to as many people as we can.

The Gathering itself is held 3  hours north of Auckland and starts on October the 15th mid day.

Pre submitted Expressions of interest will be honoured first when numbers exceed carrying capacity. 


"me & water"

"If we wish to see a Spiritual Shift in peoples relationship, appreciation and sense of responsibility for the health and well-being of our Waters on Earth, let us then first and foremost reconnect, remember, and regain our own deep, spiritual, connection and appreciation of our own -life-depending-, every day flowing relationship with Water. "

It is us and we are it,
we embody it
and it embodies us.
What is it beyond the physical?
What is it in the Spiritual?
What is YOUR relationship with the Water that your are,
that you drink,
that you use
and see giving Rise
and Life to all things?

Me & Water

Friday, March 21, 2014

Global Water Ceremony Request & the launch of the Waitaha Water Gathering


On the 22nd of March, on World Water Day, we will officially open the calling and start a journey leading upto this Global Water Gathering in New Zealand. We hope you will support our efforts and be with us in prayer as this unique event has neverbefore occurred on Earth.

We are in all this together and may you find your connection and deepening to Water this year also.

We thank you, all our Ambassadors and all our Partners for their support in helping us make this happen.

Water Unifies us All. On March 22nd, Join the world in the Synchronized Global Water Ceremony. At 3:00pm in your local time and 3:00pm pacific. UNIFYing with the world to restore our relationship with this sacred medium of life.

No Water, No Life. Know Water, Know Life.

UNIFY.org is a platform create to support the emergence of the Spiritual Renaissance happening on the planet.

LoveWater is a year long campaign that will transform our specie's relationship to water in every way possible.

Join us as we catalyze a global movement of beauty, love and truth.

Go to www.unify.org to learn more.

Thank you for sharing this message with your relations and networks.

Waitaha Water Gathering
Global Water Ceremony Request & the launch of the Waitaha Water Gathering 

"Every fifty years, around the time of October 15th - 22nd Gregorian Calendar Time our Elders of the Waitaha Nation would meet and speak and record the significant weather and water stories, in cave dwellings, our libraries, and in carved and tuhi-tuha our world famous script untranslated writings."

- Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako, Watukura, Nation of Peace









- Papatuanuku - Pachamama - Gaia -

We are all her children.

We all drink from the same world wide Well


May we welcome you into the world of the Ancient Water Carriers.

Tena Koe, greetings,
the Waitaha Nation of New Zealand are a collective of remnants who have survived the many arrival and departures of those who have come looking for land, people and resources. We are the original Indigenous people of these lands and have occupied the Islands comprising our homeland for the last ten thousand years.

"Waitaha is older than old."


"This Gathering is about bringing all these Wisdoms, Teachings and their Keepers together so that our children, our Mokopuna, will inherit a future filled with our Collective Wisdom and Enlightenment."

This Waitaha Water Gathering and the 2014 International Forum on Water is organised by Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth and her Partnering organisations. For more information visit our website



- Everywhere on Earth -
Join in numbers. Join in thousands with our Partners at UNIFY.ORG

It is also the day on which 
the Waitaha's Water Gathering is opening its registration for the:
- 2014 -

HELD ON 15 - 22ND OF OCTOBER 2014, 

Called for by the Nation of Waitaha of Aotearoa, New Zealand
Organised for us all by Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth, her partner organisations and many Ambassadors. ( We soon will launch the Water Ambassador program which will be the single, most powerful collaborative Global Water Knowledge collection project held ever.)