Thursday, February 11, 2016

Comprehending Humandamage

The most relevant comprehension I gained from all research, all work and all contribution to "the Great Awakening" of our time was to learn about humandamage. Comprehending the what it is, how it is embedded and expressed, how it is being practiced "everywhere" and most relevant of all - how to get out of humandamage. How to actually reenable our nature; Our inborn natural orientation and natural navigation that we would express and experience if we were not practicing human-damage. 

- Human-damage: grown up hubeings practicing fantasies as though it's a reality WITHOUT comprehending that it isn't. -

Comprehending humandamage and choosing to get out of it by Reenabling the natural frequencies of thoughts and actives from our cells by comprehending what would be natural for us to be doing on the planet as the beautiful mammals that we are is so so relevant for our self, especially the younglings that get so affected and damaged so early on from human created fantasy practice as a reality. 

The natural comprehensions of what is natural to be doing and what is not are in all of us and they are nothing new. It's only natural to comprehend what is natural to be doing and only natural to realise and recognise what is fantasy and what has a real "basis" in reality because it exists in the here and now nownow. It's only natural to navigate based on what feels nice, but do you and why do you compromise your cells? Practice of a fantasy ? 

Comprehending how damaging the practice of fantasies as reality WITHOUT comprehending that it is a fantasy, will become apparent when and if you are on to reenable the  natural frequencies that are in ALL of us. 

I am on to distribute and raise awareness around the comprehension of what humandamage is, what is has caused and what it will continue to cause if we do not choose to get out of it. 

I will share the natural comprehensions as I experience and know them and how these comprehensions naturally will reenable your inborn ability to operate and navigate naturally without waste thought, without damaged thoughts or frequencies. 

Just ask yourself this question: 

Does practicing fantasy as a reality without knowing that it isn't as a way to navigate life and gain authentic and real life experiences or are they in the sound of it governed by the fantasy? 

Some human created fantasies believed to be real or practiced as such from which so much damage has resulted for all living life on this planet: 

All Borders 
All Countries 
All Governments 
All Money
All Laws
All Systems 
All Businesses, organisations, clubs, groups, networks, isms, religions. 

Human created fantasies practiced as though a reality - it can only distort us from our nature, our natural comprehensions and natural orientation on the planet together as the natural frequency loving hubeings that we are. 

If you feel attracted - Feel into it. There is more to be expressed around this.